Paleo Diet for Beginners – How to Begin Eating Paleo

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6 thoughts on “Paleo Diet for Beginners – How to Begin Eating Paleo

  1. The Paleo diet is garbage and should be followed by no one. Stop pretending to be a nutrition expert, stick to what you know, workouts. Grow up and go vegan. I'm going to stay subscribed for now, I really hope you don't make another nutrition video. Please try a vegan diet, the one that won't give you heart disease diabetes and cancer.

    Also, the Paleo diet has nothing to do with the Paleolithic era, that is a flat out lie by the Paleo fad industry. Clearly you are part of the Paleo fad heart disease promotion industry and probably sell nasty supplements made with bovine secretions. Please grow up.

  2. In case Carissa, or anyone here is interested, Non Nom Paleo will be doing a seminar/demo at Whole Foods Tampa on Dale Mabry this Wednesday, 1/17. I don't know any more details.

    I'll be there for sure.

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