Paleo Cheesecake | Healthy Dessert Ideas

Want more recipes like this Paleo Cheesecake? Click the link: The paleo cheesecake is another of my favorites when it comes to healthy …

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15 thoughts on “Paleo Cheesecake | Healthy Dessert Ideas

  1. this Paleo cheescake is a very healthy dessert idea!! ! i have something that i want to share with you! is Elumpa Paleo eating Alchemist! search on google it should be there!

  2. Thank God! Been having so many cravings since starting the paleo diet which I've heard is part of the process…glad to see some yummy dessert recipes. =)

  3. This looks amazing and I can't wait to make it! I love how you just show how to make the recipe and what u need instead of sitting there for 15 minutes explaining why you should go paleo like so many other channels.
    Please upload more videos

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