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8 thoughts on “Paleo Butter Chicken | Recipe

  1. New subscriber!! I was on the fence about going vegan or trying Paleo. I'm not trying to lose weight or save the world with a diet lol, just trying to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. I watched a lot of videos and did a lot of research and I'm def going Paleo!!!

  2. Girls, have you watched Cowspiracy? I would love to see some vegan recipes from you! You both seem very health conscious, I think you would really benefit from a vegan diet and would love to see you spread the vegan message.

  3. love your videos been following you guys from the start. one thing I notice is you both say a lot of ums. would look a bit better if you both sounded more confident and cut out the pauses and ums. not trying to be rude at all its just a suggestion

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