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41 thoughts on “Paleo AIP Apple Cinnamon Bars & 5 variations!

  1. I tried this recipe because it seemed so simple but intriguing. I used white sweet potato, one carrot, and one apple with cinnamon and ginger. I didn't have the coconut manna so I just used a little coconut oil and a tiny bit of coconut flour. The bars stuck really badly to the pan so next time I will use parchment. The bars were insanely good, and probably a carb binge risk for me! Yum!

  2. Helen Marie Taboada October 14, 2019 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    You are literally heaven sent 😭 I was wondering what my mom and I would do without you and all your recipes. Thank you so much 🙏🏼❤️

  3. Hi Stacey – these bars are SO. GOOD. They taste great cold right out of the fridge but I really love them warmed up. I love that they have a natural sweetness to them without any added sweetener. A dash of maple syrup turns them into a real treat, though; it reminds me of my mom's french toast casserole! I get so tired of eating sweet potatoes but this makes me feel like i'm eating something totally different 🙂 Thank you!!

  4. Hi Stacy! First of all – thanks for all of your videos. They have been a godsend during my AIP journey (almost 3 months in!). I have started making a batch of these every week for breakfasts and they really help me stay satiated until lunch and they have made my life so much easier because I can just grab one and go. I do add another quarter cup of coconut oil because mine were turning out a little too crumbly. I also use a potato smasher to really press down hard. The texture is amazing. Thanks again!

  5. I just made these today (apple cinnamon) and omggg they are so good! I love your recipes and your content and your attitude towards life. I have been binge watching your videos those whole week. Keep it up! ❤️

  6. I wanted these to work out so badly. They did not stick together. It was mushy and the bottom burnt to a crisp. 🙁

  7. I will be trying these. I have someone in the household with a sweet tooth. If I cant find batatas, how different would regular sweet potatoes be? Should I internet order the white ones?

  8. Can't wait to make this!
    Love the art work
    Love the blue bowl
    Love your channel!
    Thanks much!!!

    I just made these and tried a corner (just to see…you know), excellent!

    I had a couple white spuds left so did another batch enough to fit a large 6 muffin tin. I did both at 350 and the muffin tin went about 75 min.
    Thank you for the recipe! Yay

  9. Made it – LOVE it! Thank you for your channel, I'm on day 24 of AIP (but who's counting, right??) and I would be SO bored without your awesome recipes and amazing attitude in my life. Curious if you can portion and freeze these? And if so how long do they last in the freezer? And do you just thaw at room temp?

  10. I just pulled two batches out of the oven! Of course I couldn't wait for tomorrow morning for them to firm up but they are amazing already. You are brilliant that you are using fresh produce to create these recipes and not overpriced AIP flours. Thank you!

  11. This is one of the best AIP dessert recipes I've found. I can't wait to try these out and experiment with variations. Also, I loved that you showed us your grandma's paintings!! This is such a great channel!

  12. Do you have any suggestions of what I could eat with the bar that’s AIP? I’m having trouble being full from just the bar. I could eat the whole pan bc they are so amazing but I think for AIP that might be frowned upon lol

  13. I made the Apple Cinnamon Bars last night! Needless to say my first day back on AIP started off GREAT!!!! I can’t wait to try the different kinds

  14. I just made these, i used boniatos (purple skin white inside), although I do have white sweet potato.

    I didn't really have a good way to oil the glass so i used coconut butter but it was solid so it didnt work too well, and the bottom burnt a bit, but it's good. Next time I will use avocado oil which is liquid and easy to spread. I did 90 minutes at 400 F and then 5 mins with the foil off.

    I used clove, cinammon, salt, ginger for spices. I don't have mace otherwise would've used it. My kitchen looked like it was hit by a bomb, but I have the culinary skills of a brick. Using coconut manna was a nightmare as it was solid and very difficult to scoop out and it made a huge mess. There was coconut in places that coconut should never be, but cleanup was quick and easy. I admit i ate some while it was still warm, with a fork. The smells during prep and baking were unreal.

    Will make again, first time is usually a nightmare, and it wasn't too bad.

    Thanks <3

  15. Hi Stacey, thanks for this fab recipe. First time ever using white sweet potatoes and everything turned out great. But white sweet potatoes aren't always available here yet so I tried it with orange sweet potatoes and the apple and it turned out great. A little softer texture but still held together well and the shreds of potato remained intact. And purple potatoes with blueberries and lemon was crazy good and beautiful looking with all that purple color! The purple potato created a denser texture. Frickin love the coconut butter bits mixed in. I cooked in my oven at 350 for an hour and half and it was perfection. You are such an inspiration. I find myself taking more chances in my cooking and just going for it with the spices and such. Going to give this a whirl with some butternut squash…

  16. think you could do this with regular sweet potato instead of white sweet potato? My grocery store doesn't have these.

    I also dont have a food processor, lol…

    Kitchen wise I'm pretty much still in the dark ages… but im getting there.

    P.S. The link to the tigernut butter is deaded!

  17. I finally got a new scale and got around to making these! The apple cinnamon was so good my three-year-old was calling apple pie lol not that he's ever had pie haha. It was like eating cake! I think next time I'm going to try the carrot one! Also the KitchenAid has a shredder attachment for those who have kitchen aides

  18. Stacey our radiant friend i have a question. how to make oven burgers that dont fall appart without bread in the mixture?

  19. I knew these would be a bit carby for me, but wow do they look yummy! And I LOVE your grandmother's artwork! Beautiful!

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