One Meal A Day (OMAD) | OMAD Fasting Diet For Extreme Weight Loss

OMAD Fasting Diet for Extreme Weight Loss | One Meal A Day | 23:1 OMAD Diet Meal Plan | OMAD Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting | Omad Diet For Weight Loss | 1 …

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34 thoughts on “One Meal A Day (OMAD) | OMAD Fasting Diet For Extreme Weight Loss

  1. thank you so much I was the person who left hope dat I would evr loose weight I m a pcod I was 112 kg alhamdulillah I m now 86 thank you so much lots of love n duas Vicky

  2. So, for breakfast, we can drink green tea/energy balls. And one meal for lunch. Am I right?? What can we eat after the eating time?? What kind of snack?? Or we can't eat anything (just water)??

  3. I never followed any diet till date …But now I think I don't have any option so m gonna try this as I have my cousin's #marriage after #28 #days from now
    So will #update you guys after #10 days i.e. on 25th of February
    Wish me luck ✌️❤️ and hope for the best
    (M 78 kgs now i.e. 171pounds and I wish to lose 10 kgs)👍

  4. I'm in OMAD for the past 4 days…I started up with 56 kg….and today morning…my weight turned to be 53.9kg..i lost over 2kgs_i wasn't on calorie restrictions but had only one meal..which was my dinner.. didn't get any workouts..I had one cheat day in between..worth trying💪

  5. Just what I needed because I usually eat once a day. I want to get toned and slimmer. I’m kinda chubby not fat.

  6. Hi vicky i really wants to lose 10-13 kg, i am your big fan, i have started OMAD diet from wednesday its days going alright havent noticed any drop. Can you please kindly tell me fasting 16:8 or OMAD which one is more effective for weight loss.

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