Non Veg Paleo | Weight Loss in Tamil | How I reduced 10 kgs in 20 Days

Dear Friends, Here I am sharing my weight loss journey in paleo diet. I have taken paleo diet and reduced 10 kgs in 20 days. Hope this video will be useful to …

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42 thoughts on “Non Veg Paleo | Weight Loss in Tamil | How I reduced 10 kgs in 20 Days

  1. Ennoda personal experience pls dont follow this paleo diet because it's not a weight loss diet, it's a life style.So life fulla nammala idhellam follow panna mudiyadhu.I have reduced 18 kg in 100 days by this paleo diet but again konjama rice ,idli saptalum udane weight increase proper diet,exercise is best way to reduce weight and also easy to maintain the reduced weight.Ippa nan normal diet dhan edukuren but in 2 months I have lost 9 kg ,so please follow proper diet and exercise.Again i am telling paleo is not diet plan it's a life long process kandippa nammala tradition foods(rice,idli) sapdama irukka mudiyadhu adhanala better follow proper diet and exercise.

  2. doctrs only guava and avacd mattum than sapda sonnage..appls and orangs sure ah sapdalama?…per day ku ewlo sapdalam..plz share mam

  3. Hi …nama particular weight reach anathuku apro yepdi normal food la weight ah Maintain panrathu pls telk

  4. I was in paleo diet 2 years back reduced 12kgs in 100days. After my pregnancy i gained weight. I started paleo one month back with same diet chart. My weight reduced only 2 kgs. I am really surprised. Can u tell me what could me my problem

  5. Sis enaku 4 month baby iruku. Na indha diet follow pannalama? After delivery em tummy romba peruaayisuchu. Indha dietla adhu kuraiyuma? Pls reply mw

  6. Mam paleo mudichittu weight loss aaiduchina evlo naal paleo la maintenance pannanu….. Normal food diet eppa irukkalam

  7. I'm already send my blood test report to arikgiyam and nalvalvu. Waiting for diet chart. I want idea from u mam. I tell u later. Thank u mam.

  8. Ella diet layum wt reduced. But vitta again regained. Am very tensed mam. So i ask. I'm doing high intensity aerobic steps also. But wt reduce agala😢😢😢maintain panna wat to do?

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