My Weekly Meal Plan + Recipes

Today we are meal planning together and I’ll show you how I am planning my next week of vegan meals! I’ll also show you some of my current favourite recipes. Come hang out! RECIPES: “Chicken”…

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41 thoughts on “My Weekly Meal Plan + Recipes

  1. Recipes start at 2:38 for anyone not interested in meal planning! Also, I linked some of the recipes I didn't show in this video in the description box so if you want to make pita pizzas or potato curry I got you covered ;). Hope you're all having a great weekend! <3

  2. Great recipes! And you made me laugh😂 I just started my vegan journey, and I made my own channel. Check out my vids! 🙂

  3. i wrote this poem and i would love if you read it!!!

    Born into the same world, birthed by our mothers
    We deserved to be treated just like the others.

    We do what we can to avoid your ways and survive,
    But you still treat us cruelly, killing to capitalize

    Abusing your power in the so-called “food chain”
    You humans misuse us, in ways so inhumane

    Insane acts of violence due to your “culture”
    Blood on your hands, sending us to the slaughter

    If we could speak, we’d charge you for murder
    Our lives mean nothing to you, we’re no more than a burger

    We’re all just experiments to your cosmetic testing
    Feeding your egos with vanity, superficial investing

    We fill your homes with fur, suede, leather, wool
    Cannibals stuffing their bellies til they’re full

    Some speak out, but no one seems to listen
    The industry sits back and laughs, filling with frisson

    You don’t realize the atrocity, have you no compassion?
    Cover your ears, close your eyes, hiding from the fashion

    How come some of us are pets, a friend, a lover
    While the rest of us are no more than your everyday supper

    Come and see for yourself, how life is through our eyes
    Stop being so blind, listen to us and quit believing the lies

  4. Is there any more songs that sound like 2:38? I know it's the 1975 but it's a beautiful remix with Chris Montoya. Pls let me know I like that style of music

  5. Lol: the ad just before the video was made by the french meat industry. "Meat is a component of a balanced diet" ; pregnancy >> lack of iron >> Meat.
    (Sigh) At least it means they're desperate enough seeing they sell less and less !!
    Great video btw !

  6. I was trying to look up meal planning calendars and write meals down in my bullet journal calendar part…but everything didn't really work out that well. Thank you so much for this simple, but effective meal planning idea! It helps me out a lot! Also, I'm looking forward to making the potato curry and pita pizzas! I need warm foods to combat the cold.

  7. I literally love this channel you make vegan cooking so simple and yummy. I’ve already tried a handful of your recipes and will be using them over and over. Thank you for your hard work and amazing videos I cannot say enough good things 👌🏼

  8. I was excited for the recipes but then you started playing “Somebody Else” and I started crying so now im gonna go sleep my sadness away

  9. OMG!!! I wish I was eating with you everyday!! Can you do a video on how to shop vegan on a budget at Walmart or something??

  10. Thankyou liv! You always comes out with great recipe ideas & i’m inspired by one of the wrap! It looks delicious✨😍

  11. Using vegan chicken nuggets for fajitas is INGENIOUS! Totally gonna do this lol. Also in love with the music/song that started playing when the cooking started. Matches my mood atm. #feels 🖤

  12. Thank you so much for doing this! I struggle with meal planning and I didn't grow up vegan so it's been a learning struggle lol! So can you please continue with that?

  13. Love these types of videos! Could you include how you make your oats ? I don't like overnight oats , not sure what I'm doing wrong and can't get myself to like results oatmeal in the AM for breakfeast. Interesting to see how you would do it! Love the videos 🙂

  14. Han and Josh Appel January 20, 2018 at 1:12 am - Reply

    Hi Liv! Do you have a recipe for the overnight oats? 🙂 Loved this video by the way! I've already meal prepped my lunches for the week – spicy chickpeas and roasted sweet potato!

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