My Sister Tried Out Military Diet- Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Day + Results-Beautyklove

So my sister decided to try out this Military diet. MY SECOND VLOGGING CHANNEL- MY FAVORITE GO TO HAIR MASK-…

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31 thoughts on “My Sister Tried Out Military Diet- Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Day + Results-Beautyklove

  1. please, can you make video about growing hair again at the top of head ?because i lose it more and more everyday and i'm sure you can help me with your experience

  2. Im bad at diets because I have no self-dicipline, I always end up eating someting really unhealthy when following diets but what works for me is to walk ALOT everyday instead of cutting down on what I eat. Everytime I crash diet I get really moody and begin snapping at people for everything so it is not something I should even attempt doing😂

  3. Second time requesting it I know you will be having a lot of jobs but ( sorry keren 😊) my braid is so thin so I cant do braids I don't feel confident but I love braids so plz plz do a vid about how get thickness to braids plz

  4. I was thinking of a diet but I was lazy to do that ( if that make sense😫) I get somewhat inspiration from it but I am not gone try this because it so hard I will be doing intermitt fasting. Thank you keren

  5. Ok…. diet part…I don't want to do…. because I am already a thinny pinny…… hahahaha…hey by the way… your black top with red dots….looks great on you….and the hair bun is awesome with it……

  6. Really a tough diet! 😉 how did ur sister do it?? I can never do it!!!!! maybe I might not even have survived!!!😂😂😂

  7. Hello keren I have a lot of split ends it is even on my hair shaft what should I do my hair length is a little bit past bra strap please tell me what to do I don’t want to chop all of it what’s your advice ??

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