My Military Diet Experience DID IT WORK???

So heres my view of the military diet plan, i’ve also included a site for you to check for more info and also the list of foods i consumed through those 3 days. Thanks for watching! xxx Military…

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24 thoughts on “My Military Diet Experience DID IT WORK???

  1. Weight loss green store tea worked a lot better than I expected it to! I was expecting some appetite suppression, but this really took care of my desire to eat! I took advantage of the decrease in an appetite to make sure that I eat healthier and that even added to the amount of weight I lost!

  2. So nice Video…The 3 Week Diet has done for me what no personaI trainer can do! I Iost over 30 Ibs in 3 weeks with the 3 week diet! You couIdn't pick a better prorgram than the 3 week diet! Crazy!

  3. There's actually an app for iPhone for this diet, I have it and there are loads more meal options to choose from. X

  4. thanks for uploading this. ive done the cabbage soup diet a couple times with great results but cant face 7 days of such restrictions again lol heard about this diet and after watching your vid will def give it a go 😀 (btw i love your hair!!)

  5. I want to try this diet but I am allergic to latex and I can not eat bananas or melons. Is there anything I can substitute these with?

  6. I did the military diet exactly and I lost 6 lbs. I did 2-3 hours of heavy house work the first day BC I had to mop 7 room apt and clean my kitchen bathrooms on day one on day two I did leg exercises and worked out my ABS and weights for my arms and on day three I worked put again plus walked and did grocery shopping.

    I have maintained the weight loss as well. I eat between 1300-1500 calories on the 4 days off plus maybe some wine.

    I will repeat the diet again. Its not that bad. I actually like and eat all the foods on the diet. But the dry tuna is the hardest to swallow down. But I get through it by thinking positive and about what my results will be.

    I am currently 234.lbs I used to be 279.lbs, my goal is 140 .lbs at 5'5" tall.

    I start the diet on Saturdays BC the coffee gives me the runs. So I am off work Saturday and Sunday so I stay close to home on those days. Thanks.

    I hope my journey helps someone. 🙂

  7. I tried this diet after seeing your post on Instagram and i lost only 2lbs! Dont think ill be trying it again though…

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