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46 thoughts on “MY GO-TO LAZY VEGAN MEALS || Healthy, Easy, Fast

  1. gamersfreakssnation December 30, 2016 at 11:32 pm - Reply

    I liked the knife you used to cut the veggies does anyone know what kind of knife is that? Is it made out of plastic? I want to know So I can buy it for myself.

  2. I'm a guy who is trying to be vegan, but having a hard time with the transition! Are there any recipes that are uhmm, more filling? Foods that can kind of replace the meat. good video!

  3. yuck nasty recepi for sure on first one fuck raisins thats like adding old meat to something more like fresh grapes and im sure raisins have toxins and stupid science hasn't caught up to real facts its common sense and not only that everyday new studies prove old ideas were wrong fresh is always best cooking/ old / fruits and vegtables can't be healthy and fuck you on spelling or the "actually blah blah shit

  4. We eat baked veggies like your potatoes all the time!  It's one of my kids' favorite meals =)  We do potatoes, sweet-potatoes, zucchini, green peppers and eggplant.   So simple, but sooo good!

  5. OMG thank you for this!! I'm a new vegan, like really new lol and Ive been starving out here lol ?. I'm a working mom of three and I am ALWAYS busy. Quick easy and delicious is excellent for me!! I need to find more recipes like this. Last night I made my kids their 1st vegan dinner and they HATED IT! You just gave me hope!! lol ?

  6. thats literally what i eat everyday except i dont really cook rice and veggies i just eat chickpeas and side of salad for lunch, Uni is stressful

  7. Yay! I'm in grad school too and NEED the fast recipes. I'm not a vegan, but I hate relying on meat for a "good" meal. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I love oats for dinner, they're just so comfy to me. I'd rather have baked potatoes for breakfast and oats for dinner than the other way around like most people ?

  9. Rice+veggies and baked potato without oil of any kind?
    why? are you a model or had heart surgery?
    I couldn't be a vegan if I suppose to eat those pretty often…oh no!!!

  10. Hey Caitlin! In one of your vids I heard you talk about sticky rice pudding?? Could you tell me where to find the recipe? Thanks!

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