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21 thoughts on “My everyday MEAL PREP | High protein IBS friendly

  1. Hi Christie! Fellow IBS peep here. I noticed in your recipes you use sweet potatoe as well as avocado and honey, which are all high FODMAP. Do you seem to be able to tolerate those ingredients well? As a lot of IBS sufferers don’t (but every body is different) just curious 🙂

  2. Recipes look yummy, but I would of probably taken the video a little more serious if you hadn’t contradicted yourself flat out!! 👎

  3. This is not IBS friendly. Sweet potato, avocado, almonds, honey, butternut squash, coconut flour etc. is high in FODMAPs and shoukd be avoided when treating IBS

  4. Looks delicious and all but I don't think it's very IBS friendly in general as honey and sweet potatoes are not low FODMAP , pumpkin depending on type is questionable at best and so are the portion amounts incl avocado. However I know everyone reacts differently to different foods so it might be ok for some , I'll def be prepping some meals tho, you motivated me.

  5. Just came outta hospital for an IBS flare up, so glad I came across your channel! Definitely trying all of these recipes
    Thank you ❤️

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