My EAT CLEAN Meal Plan (Full Recipes)

Please READ this box for more info. Hi my lovelies, this is my first week back after a long 7-week holiday work break. It has been lovely spending time with my …

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35 thoughts on “My EAT CLEAN Meal Plan (Full Recipes)

  1. Who would`ve thought that I had been capable of achieving these amazing results? I actually never thought in days that I would be able to drop 8 pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan”. You will need to try it. Just google this and read about it.

  2. The Veterans Administration in the US told me I was 25 pounds overweight and malnourished with high cholesterol. You're my coach now. Thank U.

  3. but I need to till you that you need to watch out not like that but some 100 gram salmon can have this new chemical or drug that farmers or people are putting in there

  4. This is just too much eating, that's why I only eat breakfast n dinner. 10am then at 5pm. N still slim. Of course I don't eat out, restaurant food makes me sick I only eat home cooked meals.

  5. Joanna I came across your channel yesterday & have been binge watching your videos! You are amazing! I can't wait to try some of the recipes you shared.

  6. Thank you for that delicious Salmon and Asparagus recipe. It was my first time trying asparagus and I absolutely loved it!! This will be a weekly staple in my diet from now on.

    Thanks again!!

  7. Hey Joanna! I'm new to your videos! And I am trying to lose weight this year as one of my years resolutions. Starting last week Monday, i decided to cut out going out to eat. As a college student, it's one of the things I like to do, and it is sad, but I lost a lot of money from just going out. I work for Campus Dining and I get 2 free meals a week, and I also plan on not using those meals for the reason that if I use campus meals I will have the motive to go and get the greasy foods they serve. I also always bought a lot of chocolate milk (by the pint), after work, during meals, and I also cut that out. Currently I'm working on following serving sizes, and portions, and eating a lot of hard-boiled egg whites with a bit of salt for my protein in-take(only because I find hard-boiled yokes kinda nasty :P). And with all these lack of "going-out" meals and college meal plans I am forced to cook at home. I have had previous attempts of losing weight, and unfortunately I failed each time. But I want to stick by it this time. My problem is I actually very much LOVE food. Although I wish I could say these dishes look appetizing, I don't, the reason being that I don't like a lot of healthy foods. ESPECIALLY the greens. 🙁 So It's nothing against you, but it's just my food preferences. I look at all these diet plans and wonder how people eat it, for the sole reason that I know I wouldn't enjoy much of it. A lot of us are different, so you might enjoy it, but I might not, and I'm not sure what to do about my eating habits and how I could find some enjoyable foods to suit my tastes. Thanks Joanna. I plan on starting the work-outs tomorrow!

  8. I have eaten a healthy meal plan this whole week but today I cheated and ate chocolate and a cinnamon bun, and I wonder if it does anything bad because I feel really guilty about it??

  9. You are eating only about 1,500 cals… I hope you are only eating that low because you are detoxing from your trip. Other then that excellent food choices! Veryyy appetizing <3 :D

  10. i really like your video cause you really share healthy recipes 🙂 i liked the one with the salmon..i'll try it sooner :)

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