My 3 Day Military Diet Vlog…LOSE UP TO 10 lbs.

Hi GlamFam, Not Sure If This Is Something That You’d Be Interested In Watching…But This Is What I’ve Been Up To. I’ve Gained Weight Sitting And Crocheting …

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33 thoughts on “My 3 Day Military Diet Vlog…LOSE UP TO 10 lbs.

  1. The military diet is the saving grace of fat people. You can lose 10 lbs in 3 days…. it's a nightmare the first time, but watching videos like this really motivates me…. I hate my fat body honestly…. and the thought of losing 10 lbs a year just made me quit dieting all together because….. FUCK 10lbs a year???? FUCK that….
    But for me, losing 6lbs a week is so fucking worth it…
    Just think. In 2 months you can lose 80lbs if you REALLY stick to the 3 day diet and eat healthy the other 4 days…… just wow……
    If you're 250, you can go down to 170 in that time….
    This should be taught in health classes, cause if I had known about this a long time ago, I would've tried it.

  2. I just had this playing in the background as I did dishes, not really looking at the screen much, and until I heard you say you were 52 I literally thought you were early 20s with pastel dyed hair. Even your voice sounds young.

  3. omg .. u kept saying u were older and I was thinking u were in your 20's like low low 20's… so when u said u were older I said okay maybe she's like 27 or 28 but definitely no older then 30… come to find out your 52 WHAT.. YOUR KIDDING ME.. u look wonderfully beautiful for any age but for 52 u look absolutely amazing!

  4. I'm sorry you're probably hearing this a lot but you look amazing for 52. I seriously thought you were in your 20's

  5. you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the Day? is very important to eat something in the morning

  6. I didn't get the results I desired. But anyone looking to try a good diet, try j j Smith Green smoothie for 10 days. it's not hard it's effective and tasty. I got the book for 10 dollars, bought a blender from k mart. my groceries estimated 125. I lost 10 lbs. some ppl lost 20. everyone is different but I highly recommend it. they also have a support group on facebook book. just look up j j Smith 10 day green smoothie

  7. lalala lalalala May 13, 2017 at 10:44 pm - Reply

    Just a quick question… does anybody know if you HAVE to have the ice cream? I don't really eat ice cream often and would prefer not to have it

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