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34 thoughts on “Military Food: Marines Enjoy a Warriors Meal

  1. 0:26 It pains me to see troops lining up like homeless people waiting for their food.
    I hope the Marine Corps gets more funding to dine like Air Force men for once. Marines are always treated like second class citizens.

  2. What is this "Warrior Food", human flesh? That is the only thing that will quench the hunger of US army cannibals.

  3. HAZOX GAMING0525 July 30, 2017 at 7:45 am - Reply

    how soldiers should be treated, unlike N.korea which starves theirs to death and expects top quality performance from their army

  4. I miss all these marines so much I really wish they can just come back from Syria and just live a peaceful life how long are you going to stay there don't they miss their families.😟

  5. Gordon Ramsey needs to give those guys a cooking lesson! But yes, I know it's the field and Marines are supposed to have rotguts. And few of them think outside the box and have an extremely limited view of the world

  6. You are what you eat!!! Most soldiers are ignorant,almost dumb… You eat meat stuffed with hormones from suffering animals with consciousness…your body will get even!!! You will get very sick. I work in a lab and if you know what,s inside your meat…you will never touch it again. Don,t be a puppet you ignorant soldier…do your homework and stop your sick behaviour by being a soldier.

  7. Stupid people exposing their lives for nothing. Peace Is cheaper than War. Stop doing War It just dont make sense. WTF. Wake Up.

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