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25 thoughts on “Military Diet Lose 10lbs in 3 Days Explained

  1. Fitness Empowerment By Danye July 24, 2017 at 7:32 am - Reply

    I did 4 years in the military and never heard of or followed that diet once! How interesting. Even as a bikini competitor and coach I would not want to be on or give that low of calories gracious! Thanks for talking about this!

  2. KillahPriest666 July 24, 2017 at 7:32 am - Reply

    hi paul…i want to start intermittent fasting but the way my job is set out etc i cant train in my fasted state….will i still reap the benefits training in a feasted state? and p.s…..can you eat sugar free gum in your fasted state i have anxiety so chewing gum helps me

  3. I LOVE all of your videos! You are so helpful <3 I watch your videos everyday, love learning 🙂 Thank you for constantly giving us helpful advice, you are truly making a difference in people's lives <3

  4. Arionna Barajas July 24, 2017 at 7:32 am - Reply

    Lol, military diet! I believe when I was in the military, I was prb eating about 3500 cals/day as a female. Those MREs have an average of 1250 cals each.

  5. Totally true… I have my girlfriend and her family that always try to follow those "diets" they last 5 or 10 days depends on the diet they loose those pounds but then they regained after the diet ended cause they returned to eat what they were eating before.

  6. Paul, have you watch the documentary on Netflix called What the Health? I love your videos and all of your information, but after watching the documentary, I am very perplexed about what to eat. I looked up research online and the video seems to be reasonable. Please help!

  7. Great intro to your videos man, it has everything I love. Good music, family, lifting, competing and donuts… the content is pretty cool too 💪👌

  8. Michele Padovano July 24, 2017 at 7:32 am - Reply

    After I read the title I expected a 4000 kcal diet at least. It is funny and fascinating to see how the brain works.

  9. Antonio Villegas July 24, 2017 at 7:32 am - Reply

    Hey Paul. Very deceiving name for a diet huh?, especially as military personnel get a very rich diet when they are on mountains and so forth. Have you heard about the wolverine diet? The type of meal plan that supposedly Hugh Jackman followed to achieve his physique for the wolverine movies? What's your take on that?

  10. So I have read all of the comments and I am in the Military. Let me tell you, I have seen some individuals that I currently serve with who have done the Military Diet or a variation of it (some more extreme some less) in order to meet their specific body weight and body fat composition goals outlined in Army Regulation 600-9. Not only do they put their bodies through this "Crash" diet in order to make the weight but then soon after they take a fairly rigorous Army Physical Fitness Test. It's really sad to see what these Soldiers are doing to themselves.

  11. Speaking of glycogen storage made me think of GDA's. I kind of understand the gist of how they work but would like to have a better understanding of them. If you could make a video or talk about them in a video that would be great!

  12. How do you feel about a keto lifestyle (low carb high fat) vs. Flexible dieting (with low fat moderate carbs)… Do you feel they are equally as beneficial? If a person prefers fatty foods (advocado, whole eggs, whole fat cheese, etc.) would you recommend a keto "diet"? And if a person prefers carbs should they do flexible dieting? Either way no one is better than the other?? Have you ever view Dr.Berg's video's on YouTube? I feel like he has a lot of great info on nutrition (insulin spiking, glucose production, keto, intermittent fasting, etc.) You and him are my trusted sources for exercise and nutrition.

  13. Funny thing is I saw this same "diet" about 30 years ago and it was called The Three Day Heart Diet and was supposedly done for people that needed quick weight loss before surgery for some reason and has since been called Mayo Clinic Diet
    Cleveland Clinic Diet and now The Military Diet…LOL Just renamed and repackaged…wash rinse repeat…If it was a true military diet (Navy wise) it would be eat chili mac, drink bug juice and repeat LOL

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