Military 3 Day Diet Vlog – Day Two

GUYS this is my second day on the military 3 day diet and it’s pretty much agony but hey! you get an excuse to eat ice cream, am i right? It’s pretty hard to get …

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16 thoughts on “Military 3 Day Diet Vlog – Day Two

  1. This was so funny haha you're really good, keep doing them videos 😛 also, it's always the ice cream that makes it all good again B)

  2. You can substitute egg for a cup of milk, one chicken wing, 1/4 cup of seeds or nuts, or 2 slices of bacon. I cook or saute my soy hot dogs with my broccoli and carrots together. The ice cream and fruit I blend together in my nutribullet. I substitute my ice cream with yogurt and do the same thing it's pretty good.

  3. You're so silly. Eggs can be cooked with just butter in the pan and the egg by itself. Milk or cheese is extra and not recommended for this diet hehe lovely video though, you're hilarious ?

  4. Lol you're hilarious! I'm also trying the military diet on my channel & you remind me so much of how I'm reacting to it. ?

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