Mediterranean Breakfast Egg Muffin – HASfit Healthy Breakfast Recipes – Egg Recipe – Eggs Recipes

This amazing Mediterranean breakfast egg muffin recipe is the perfect way to mix up your morning meal. The breakfast egg recipe works great for the those who …

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28 thoughts on “Mediterranean Breakfast Egg Muffin – HASfit Healthy Breakfast Recipes – Egg Recipe – Eggs Recipes

  1. I what to cook this but is only for me so how many can I do for 7 days and  can I use sharp cheese better that's my favor thank you god bless

  2. i have just watched yer video for the first time a few min. ago and now am making these Mediterranean egg muffins . Ive never made egg muffins before. my stomach is growling

  3. man I'm just a protein powder, eggs, and rice kind of guy. Thanks for the this easy recipe to whom ever you are……

  4. Thank you for using real eggs and not "boxed" eggs/egg whites!!  Real, organic, locally sourced WHOLE eggs are much better for you.  Not boxed, disgusting eggs/egg whites – yuck. I'm gonna make these up today for the week ahead.  Looking to prepare my breakfasts and lunches for the week on Sundays, not only to help with calorie consumption but also help my budget.  I loved your addition of feta cheese.  God bless.

  5. Made these for breakfast today. Very tasty. The only sub was Greek seasoning for the salt.. Thanks for this yummy recipe!

  6. In the video she added 1/2 teaspoon of salt which is a total of 2.85 grams, divided by 12 equals, .237 grams per muffin.

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  8. The salt in the recipe is listed as optional. Always feel free to add and omit any ingredients that may not suite your needs and/or tastes. Happy Cooking!

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