Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe Video | Healthiest Fruit Smoothie Recipe EVER!

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35 thoughts on “Meal Replacement Smoothie Recipe Video | Healthiest Fruit Smoothie Recipe EVER!

  1. Is cashew milk ok to use or should it be almond?? Also, I SWEAR by my ninja and it is absolutely the BEST! I have the ninja IQ, totally rocks!!

  2. My friends first introduced me on the diet "wowo amazing plan", and i also googled it. My entire life has transformed for the better just after I lost 12 pounds by following this plan!. Try this your self, hope you will love it like me.

  3. I just made a smoothie out of pickles, cherries, cabbage, apples, and pepper. It was disgusting, I almost threw up. Which is why I'm here looking for better recipes.

  4. I just bought the ninja blender and need ideas on healthy drinks to make. I am not a banana lover is there something i can use in place of banana's? Can i make this without it? Or do i need to just suck it up and deal with the banana?

  5. I love my ninja blender!! mine also came with a food processor part which is also great for making banana ice cream!

  6. in the past I was juicing and was told that only juice what you are going to drink because it looses alot of the health factors if you store the leftovers in the fridge. was I giving bad advice? or making shakes and juicing two different things? because I would love to make big batches for the working two jobs I don't feel like cleaning a blender and making a mess twice a day..

  7. flax seed causes man boobs… #1 cause of man boobs everything else is fine you might want to substitute that with cod liver oil if you want omega 3

  8. That's too much protein to drink all at once. The stomach won't absorb any more than 30 grams per hour, sometimes less.

  9. lol that blender drink sucks, i use a green banana (reduced sugar and more nutrients), blueberries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, greek yogurt, egg whites for add protein if needed, oatmeal, spinach, cinnamon… doesnt get much better then that for a healthy boost of metabolism and HUGE amount of nutrients.

  10. Good but pretty straightforward smoothie. Why do you need 5 minutes to show how to make this simple smoothie. You can do it in less than half of the time.

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