MEAL PREP for SPRING | healthy recipes + PDF guide

I’m back with another meal prep video – and this time it’s meal prep for spring! Take advantage of fresh, seasonal produce for light and healthy recipes. With 11 …

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30 thoughts on “MEAL PREP for SPRING | healthy recipes + PDF guide

  1. Hi guys! My second meal prep video is finally here. Woot! I hope you love this one as much as the first video and if you'd like to see a summer meal prep video let me know in the comments below. If you have any specific ingredients or recipes you'd like to see in a new video, let me know that as well. Happy meal prepping! xo – Lisa

  2. I just came across your channel this morning. You are amazing! I have been prepping meals for some time now, but LOVE your method of prepping ingredients to create a variety of weekly meals & snacks. And the PDF’s are incredibly helpful. Just subscribed and will continue to follow you. Keep up the great work!

  3. Another question….Are these good to carry in a bag each day, while travelling for meets? Will these spoil? Or these have to be consumed within sometime after removing from fridge?

  4. How do u store baby spinach? 1)Clean,wash and store? Or 2) clean ,store and wash before use? Explain ur procedure.

  5. Excellent videos! I am learning so much in my sixth decade of living!! I will so look for the summer video. You probably already have it up. Thanks for the pdf!!

  6. Love your channel because it's so balanced and do able.. keep going with these meal prep ones 😍😆

  7. I love your strategy of prepping components! Such an innovative and much more approachable way of meal prepping!!

  8. What can you substitute if you are allergic to shrimp? These all look yummy, but I have a shrimp allergy and can't eat half of it 🙁

  9. Great video! I'm so glad that I found your channel. Can you please provide a link to your lemon juicer? It looks so handy!

  10. Tatyana Salvino May 17, 2019 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    Of course, it's very useful to prepare meals in advance BUT you don't say that 1)when you cook any ingredient, it will loose its properties. It looses vitamins, amino acids, minerals and so on and the more it stays -even in the fridge – the more it develops a bacterial charge!!
    Human beings have always thought how to preserve foods to have them available but with methods that should avoid dangerous bacterial charge.
    So…be very careful to give these advice!!

  11. What brand of cookware is that white pot with the wooden handle? The contrast with the blueberries cooking in it is beautiful!

  12. We use vegetable prepping as a method to ensure we really use our vegetables instead of letting them wilt and end up in a garbage can. When vegetable are already washed, cleaned, chopped to size, you don't have any excuse NOT to use them :).

  13. Just found your channel, great video! I am going to try your meal prep ideas & recipes! They look so good! Thanks!

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