MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST! 4 Healthy & Easy Recipes + printable guide

meal prep for breakfast?! yep! I’m sharing 4 healthy recipes for a quick healthy breakfast that I think you will love! 🙂 enjoy! xo Cambria Joy FREE printable …

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31 thoughts on “MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST! 4 Healthy & Easy Recipes + printable guide

  1. thanks so much for the reminders, the bible verse. I never want to be in that bondage again. I love sweets, could you help out with a video of some sweet treats that also have some more "healthy" ingredients.

  2. The Chronic Librarian December 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    Great video with sound advice. Thank you for beeing a constant inspiration. Happy new year to all three of you and I hope you had a great christmas. 🙂

  3. Could you share scripture that has helped/been helping you with freedom of food? Also, could you do a video about prayer/different tips/etc that has helped you walk in freedom in this area? Or different ways you’ve changed your view, different ways it has changed your overall life? A video that shares how you realized your gluten intolerance and etc? Basically a whole video on how you got to be where you are today in your eating and physical health 😂

  4. Great Breakfast recipes,, even for an intermittent faster ,even though I don't break fast until late afternoon,, I love breakfast food .

  5. Hi Cambria! I loved your video–I always enjoy watching! SO ready to try the chia seed pudding and maybe the granola! THANK YOU for sharing all your tips and ideas with us! 🙂

  6. Amazing video for the New Year. You really hit it for me. Thanks so much for sharing you’ve been a huge inspiration over the years.

  7. Hey Cambria! Could you and Bo make a video on Christian dating/engagement? How did you maintain purity/wait until marriage (what are some practical steps)? How did you navigate a dating relationship when everyone and society tells you that it would be easier to just give in? It’s really difficult to navigate when there isn’t anyone else to talk to who understands.

  8. JMarie Thomas-Clark December 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! I love how you speak truth and what the Bible says. This was so helpful and spoke volumes to me personally.

  9. Definitely gonna try the sweet potato +greens+ poche eggs and the chia seed pudding that I always think about doing but im little afraid about the taste 😂 great video Cam!!💛

  10. Thank you for sharing this! I’m trying to collect together a bunch of recipes for next year. I have hashimoto thyroiditis and next year my goal is to take better care of myself, cut gluten and dairy, etc. but it’s been super hard. I’m constantly craving unhealthy food, binging on it, then feeling sick after. I never thought I’d ever struggle this much with this. It was never a problem before, but since being diagnosed with Hashimoto and knowing I “can’t” eat these foods, suddenly it’s like it’s an obsession that I have to. 😭
    I’d love to see you post a video again on what you do to take care of your health! Especially your thyroid!

  11. I struggle with meal prep because, I'm gonna be honest, I get lazy about it. I get lazy about making food. Then I just eat the easiest thing to make.. Which isn't good for me lol. But i really should just take a day and meal prep. I loved the video! Thank you for the advice and the recipes! Love you!!

  12. Thank you so much for making these videos, sharing your journey, and being so intentional to encourage your viewers over and over again to focus on spiritual health over an obsession with food and body image. I’ve been struggling with disordered eating my entire life. My mom always struggled with her weight and my dad would shame her for it so, the lie that my worth was a derived from my weight and appearance was planted down deep in me when was i was just a little girl. I’m 27 now and am still fighting to find freedom. But God has been so faithful to show me my worth and purpose outside of all that. And your videos have always felt like reminders directly from God to me that freedom is possible, that I’m not alone and to keep seeking. I’ve been a silent subscriber of yours for so long but wanted to make sure i told you today that the impact you’re making in my life and so many others is ETERNAL and SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s strange to feel so connected to a stranger but you have truly blessed my life. If i don’t ever meet you on this side of heaven, i hope to on the other! Praying for you and your hubby as you walk faithfully in obedience to Gods call on your lives. Love you, sister. Thank you❤️

  13. Loved these recipes!
    Your skin is GLOWING in this video- can you please do an updated skin care routine?
    Love you Cambria!!

  14. Thank you Cambria for sharing this video 😊💟 I do like creating meals, I guess I just have to focus more in the kitchen 👩🏻‍🍳 I have seen your videos for a while but never really comment 🙈🙊 Any I’m running out the door because my sister and I are heading to CA . I will finish watching your video during the day 😆💟🌷bye for now 👋

  15. When that guilt and shame comes, how do you cope?
    Also- Bible studies you’re loving? How to create a disciple with your time with the Lord?

  16. I can’t wait to try these recipes. I’ve never thought to freeze chia pudding 🧐. Your recipes are always so different and just wholesome. I am going to strive to eat more whole food meals in 2020…has always been a want but I keep “failing”. Your videos help in so many ways – from healthier eating / living to getting cleaned / organized in my house – I just always wish there were more videos 🙂

  17. Dragonfly Campbell December 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    May I say you inspire me to make better videos like your on my channel where I vlog (not this channel)(GothicDragonfly). This was an amazing video thank you so much for so many ideas!!

  18. Ashley's little nook on YouTube December 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the encouraging words!!❤😀
    I needed to hear this today!!! Praise God for your channel! It has been a huge blessing! Love you precious sister!

  19. I was hoping for another one of your videos! You’re like the real life Christy Miller! Lol 🙂 and you’ve helped me so so much in my struggle with eating and body image!! love you cam!!! God bless you and Bo! 💕💕💕

  20. Ashley's little nook on YouTube December 29, 2019 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    These looked delicious! I am going to have to get me one of those veggie chopper thingies! Would be a life saver!

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