MEAL PREP | 9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

My long awaited meal prep video is here! I do meal prep different than most because I prep ingredients over full meals for greater variety and flexibility in my meals throughout the week. Today,…

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35 thoughts on “MEAL PREP | 9 ingredients for flexible, healthy recipes

  1. Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this healthy meal prep video. If you've been watching my Instagram stories you'll see that I've been enjoying this fruits of this meal prep for the last week. Ha! And combining a few items with an upcoming salmon recipe. So yum! If you'd like to see more meal prep videos in the future, let me know in the comments below. Happy Wednesday! xo – Lisa

  2. Thank you so much for this video. 🙏🏻 . I loved it. Just one question though. The sweet potato go soft and soggy when you cook them in every way. How did you backed them to stay in one piece?

  3. Wow this is such a game changer and so simple!!! Please I would be very interested in you doing more seasonal meal preps, thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for this video! It was so inspiring and I can't wait to try it this weekend! Would love to see more like this one as we move into spring and summer. Are you as ready as I am for fresh local produce?😀

  5. Hello there. I hope that you’re fine. Thank you for this vlog, it was most informative. I especially liked the sweet potato toast.

  6. OMG… this was such an amazing video. I can't wait to recreate those meals. Would love to see more meal prep videos please.

  7. Thank you for the meal prepping videos! Can't have enough inspiration on this subject! Yes, please, make more videos 🙂

  8. I absolutely looooooved this meal prep plan, I can't wait to attempt all of it. I would so love more videos just like this, all of your meal suggestions were so incredibly helpful. I would love so many more of these. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to make out a grocery list.

  9. This meal prep is AWESOME! I've been preparing ingredients like this for years but you've given me some great new ideas to add to my preps. Thank you! 😃❤

  10. I just came across your video and subscribed. I have been looking at meal prepping. Your style appealed to me. I get bored eating the same thing everyday too. I will watch your last videos and look forward to your new ones.

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