Meal 4: DINNER | Muscular 8 Program by Guru Mann

Gulshan Kumar presents ‘MUSCULAR 8’ Program by Guru Mann – 8 week Fat loss Program. Meal 4: DINNER ☆ NEW YEAR 2015 Resolution: BURN FAT …

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25 thoughts on “Meal 4: DINNER | Muscular 8 Program by Guru Mann

  1. I have a question… You used ketchup, but I read the label and it has too much sodium, so isn't that bad for fatloss program???

  2. I don't agree to this , every day making these kinds of meal is impossible no1 has tym to fuck around this, every day all can't afford chicken n egg , I advise eat what u get keep it normal n regular cardio n exercises

  3. what can i add instead of black beans, kidney beans, green beans? these are not easily found in Bangladesh. i found kidney beans after madly searching. but it is too costly. 432g costs 240tk… :/ what can i add instead of these three items in my food plan?

  4. kickstartwebsite iMedia August 13, 2017 at 5:41 am - Reply

    doing muscular 8 with proper nutrition from 1.5 months but weight increase 1 kg…
    and belly fat not going…. how to do calorie deficit as per indian food calorie >

    My diet Morning (5 egg white, 1 full egg, 1 onion, 1/2 cup boiled beans)
    1 multivitamin revital, 1/2 spoon omega 3 fish oil
    Lunch (1 roti, 1 cup veg, 1 cup dal)
    Mid (120 gm chicken breast grilled – 1/2 tblspoon olive oil)
    pre gym – caffine 150 mg
    Post Gym – 6 egg white
    Diner – 1 roti, 1 cup dal, 1 cup sabji
    Pre Sleep – 1 Large cup milk with 10 almonds, 3 dates

  5. Hii…you are really awesome ❤️
    Can girls also follow this fat loss programs (3 programs)…or do we result in looking muscular toned body by the end

  6. man you used 7 egges wites and 2 whole eggs in this whole program………can we eat 9 eggs in summer also ??

  7. Guru maann : for veg receipe you added one chapati. But aapke kuch video Mai aapne chapati lunch Mai khane bola hai.
    So chapati dinner Mai thik hai ki lunch Mai ' Muscular 8' ke veg diet plan ke hisab se?

  8. aaisa dite chat banaea jisme nutrition ka naam ho naki source of nutrition….jaise ki pre workout me caffeine and amino acid…..after workout fast digestion protein….. before bed slow digestion food………aaisa chart banaea … sorce of nutrition mai apne man se laga lunga

  9. Hi Guru bro, i have a question about the recovery day meals , what i would eat in pre workout or post workout ???

  10. Sir can you explain how its total of 200 gm of protein…because as you said we cant digest more than 25-30 gm of protein per meal…if i sum up each meal protein amount, im not able to reach 200gm of protein…so can you just mention protein amount of each meal…its of muscular 8 meal program…
    Thank you sir..hope for your reply.

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