Masala Oats Recipe | Lose Weight In 1 week without Exercise | Tanya Says

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41 thoughts on “Masala Oats Recipe | Lose Weight In 1 week without Exercise | Tanya Says

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  4. Chlumuru Bhargav April 25, 2017 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    Miss Tanya A BIG THANKS TO YOU
    Actually I am trying to lose weight for that I am eating oats in an other form I mean through other recipe which was quite disgusting and hard to eat today I tried your recipe and this was Awsome Thank you once again for the recipe

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  6. Анна Меркушева April 25, 2017 at 8:00 pm - Reply

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  7. hw much quantity should be taken in a day.and for hw many days we can take it for weight loose. hw many serving we can have a day.
    can u guide with a daily planner.

  8. Thanks Tanya for this. Being a bachelor, I like to keep things simple and fast and unlike some other channels which include so much taam jhaam. your presentation and recipe was succint and to the point.👍👍

  9. best oats recipe for weight loss,lean muscles and increase endurance. ……40 gram oats cook for 2 min in 150 ml water .,then put in to a bowl.then add half banana ,2gm cinnamon powder ,1 spoon peanut butter ,2 tbspoon chia seed one scoop whey protein power (30gm) … need to added sugar or any sweetener ,whey protein is enough to make it sweetened. …..(if you don't have whey protein powder then may use protein x ,but whey protein is recommended )

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