Man Bun Meal Prep- 3 Quick, Easy Chicken Recipes

Follow along as I reveal my TOP 3 Favorite Chicken Recipes, All Super Quick and Easy! -CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION PLANS-

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26 thoughts on “Man Bun Meal Prep- 3 Quick, Easy Chicken Recipes

  1. All these haters are mad they went to KFC instead. Thanks for the video Aaron. Always looking for ways to spice up the macros

  2. Why all the negative comments he's worked hard to show his body off don't be jealous lol!!!! Thanks for the recipes I guess haters are going to hate!

  3. Lol why is everyone so offended by him shirtless?? This should inspire you to make healthy meals so one day you can look like that. Anyways awesome video man keep making these cooking vids with or without a shirt who cares

  4. y are you cooking w no shirt. douchebag.. nobody cares we jus care about the food. ok mayb sum girls like it but still a douchebag

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