Low Carb Bento Boxes! Healthy Keto Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

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45 thoughts on “Low Carb Bento Boxes! Healthy Keto Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

  1. Only came for the coconut bars. It was on a goodful article. I just need the coconut bar recipe because I'm a fan of coconut but not on any keto diet.

  2. Love the recipes and love that you’re too busy to waste time saying pepper 🤣 LOL, thank you for such great meal ideas!!!

  3. Wouldn't the coconut chips lose the crunch being contained with moist foods? Might be better to put in air tight container or bag and put into bento box to keep crisp.

  4. Id love to try a keto-ish diet, but im allergic to so many fruits and veges (i have oral allergy syndrome) so i cant eat so many of the things if theyre raw or have them as snacks

  5. i always watch your video. but i still surprise when you say in high voice
    "that's it!"
    love you.

  6. Narrated videos for the win!! Sometimes I listen to videos without watching especially on sick days when looking at moving things make me a bit woozy but I still want entertainment. Love the veggie energy balls idea, I'm bad with eating veggies but I'll definitely give them a shot.

  7. Help! I'm allergic go eggs!!! Can you do a video Keto Egg free? Been doing Keto since 2012 and now I just feel lost without eggs, especially for getting into ketosis. Keep out the good work and Thank you!

  8. doesn't keto require 30 grams of carb per day? I can't find one small peach that is below 8 grams…can you give the carb grams for each keto dish please?

  9. Omg!!! Can't wait to try and make those energy balls :3 they look so good, it's also a plus because carrot cake is my favorite type of cake! Besides chocolate cake 🙂

  10. I prefer you narrate them bc I feel like I catch more details like "Coconut flour (or a flour of your choosing)" it helps me determine which ingredients can and cannot be substituted. Thank your videos! I definitely gonna try the tempe bacon! what a great idea!

  11. Your not supposed to use turkey like ground turkey because you want the full fat, that’s the whole part of keto, it’s like an “all fat” diet.

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