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22 thoughts on “Losing 10 Pounds in 3 Days?? Military Diet Results

  1. Fyi if your a stoner take a three day break when you do this or other wise you will be hovering the sample lady at the store next thing you no your slapped with a restraining order like dam bitch i wasnt looking at you i was cheaking out then mini square cakes you got going on on that tray

  2. Does it have to be saltine crackers or can it just be unsalted crackers. Can I drink lots of water to fill me up if I'm hungry

  3. I've been on this for about 3 weeks I started at 106kgs (233lbs) I am
    now 100kgs (220lbs)… I could loose more if I exercise as well… hope
    you are still maintaining your weight I'm worried what will happen once
    I've done my 6 months.

    Also you can have tea and coffee all day i have fruit tea no sugar
    though. And lots of water. I find have water before breakfast gets me
    full before eating and helps me last till lunch. Some of my friends say
    its not enough food but they don't get that it helps with the days I'm
    not on the three days and I end up in a routine of small portions and I
    don't snack eat. I also get fuller faster now. One last thing, eating slowly helps x

    I'm Obese so I'm only doing it for 6months to help me cut my junk food cravings.

  4. Dr. T's Weight Loss September 2, 2017 at 9:50 am - Reply

    Long lasting fat loss is not achieved with fad diets. One must master their metabolism to true balance their weight

  5. Stopped watching after day one when you had a protein shake. Totally went off diet.

    And really you can eat what ever you want (don't over eat) as long as you drink water and work out.

  6. i want to do this diet but isnt it true that you will be back at your old weight in the next 4 days? or that you will gain more weight after this diet? (do you have any tips?)(if i maked a mistake in a sentence sorry i am from the netherlands xD)

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