Lose 10lbs in 10 days Military Diet Review

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46 thoughts on “Lose 10lbs in 10 days Military Diet Review

  1. Their body is sugar deprived – they pretend they do not need it then blow up and look nearest source of sugar. Their source is milk products like chocolates and cakes, cookies pies, ice cream. I doubt they ever go to fruit. Hence BLOW out of fat protein salt toxins.

  2. I say try it for a month or even for a year to see results.
    If you're fat, you lose weight easier than if you're a healthy 150lb man or 130lb girl… it also depends on your height too.

    Calculate your BMI.

    Anyways, being told "you can only lose 10lbs a week" isn't gonna motivate fat people to get healthy. They wanna lose weight fast, because no one wants to wait 6 months just to lose fucking 60lbs. That's shit.

    I think the military diet is saving grace for me, because any other diet isn't very clear, plus it only makes you lose 3 lbs a week, which is shit.
    I wanna lose 40lbs a week so I can get from 187-137. I hate being fat and I want this to end… I don't wanna look like this any longer…..

  3. I'm not an expert, but I heard and read that the military diet works because it's a chemical breakdown. You're not only eating less than 2000 calories a day but you're also getting protein from eggs, tuna, hot dogs, and chicken. Plus, you have to follow the portion scale, if it says 1 cup of ice cream, actually measure it. Honestly, we're not cavemen anymore, we're fat fuckers that eat too much because it's THERE.

    Fat people don't wanna lose weight, because they're constantly told "you have to lose 10lbs a month." THE FUCK? THAT'LL TAKE 6 MONTHS to do if you wanna go from 190 to 130 by summer…… who the fuck gets motivated for that???? You'd have to really find a way to motivate yourself to do THAT.

    There really isn't any other credible diets out there or studies that can get a human to lose weight any faster unless you starve yourself, BUT LIKE YOU SAID…. because our bodies are FUCKING DUMB, they store them calories and make you fatter faster…..

    Luckily for some…..
    The fatter you are the easier it is to lose weight…. cause you have more to burn.
    If you're a healthy 150 lb man or 130 lb girl, losing weight shouldn't be your priority, it should be to tone up and stay in shape, eat healthy portions, AND YOU'RE GOOD.
    But if you love to eat fatty foods, cause they're fucking good, ya need to stick to eating just a serving of that every day….. maybe eat little by little at a time.

    I think the military diet works if you don't binge right after the 3 days….. and you keep it up every week for the rest of your existence.
    Cause if it doesn't work….. why the fuck even bother? Losing 5 lbs every 2 weeks is not fun and it makes me wanna give up and just get lypo suction, because there is no way to save me…… 10lbs a month…. is just not gonna cut it for fat/obese people.

  4. I was going to try this vegan version and then there you were in side bar with this video. Hahaha. Guess i just gotta eat normal and get back on bike. The seat hurts my butt so bad though. Lol

  5. Full time Rv life Panama Lady September 20, 2017 at 10:22 am - Reply

    Hi Harley, you can talk about the people don't bicycle person and only do little exercise or leasy eat carbohid?

  6. you no nothing about how the body works if you ask any dr who deals with wight loos for fat people yet this diet is for fat people if you ask the dr they will tell you its fine to eat that little my case I have when on a diet eating less then 1000 cal a day for a year and lost only 50 lbs and I am still overwight. and if you ask a vegen to add up how maney cals a day they eat its adds up on average to around 1000 cal

  7. The amount of people I know (mostly females) who do these fad/crash diets that yo-yo in weight is just sad. The information is readily available, they set themselves up to fail each and every time.

    "Yay I lost 3kg!" Next week "oh I gained that weight back." Simply because they ate something a little higher in calories yet still scarily low relative to what they should be eating.

    Just do a little reading people and you'll feel that much better for it.

  8. iv got to talk about this… I'm a vegan and a army wife. yes this diet unhealthy for everyone but it was never meant for civilians to be used it was created by the military to be used for soldiers who are out on patrol and could teach their bodies to survive on very low calories. a soldier's life and a civilians life are two very different lives this diet was created for training purposes so soldiers would not die in the field from hunger they needed to be able to train their bodies and minds to function on as little sleep and food as possible.
    this kind of training will never apply to the civilian world. my husband has had to do this when he was in Iraq and Afghanistan and people don't understand this doing this type of training and diet over there saved his life ,it has nothing to do with your waistline.

  9. VEGAN LOVE ENDURANCE September 20, 2017 at 10:22 am - Reply

    Same thing happened to my mom.. Now she is diabetic, obese, high blood pressure etc. I am so glad I am mostly raw vegan until dinner! We as a family LOVE OUR BANANAS!

  10. I asked an acquaintance who recently started working out like crazy and losing weight fast how many calories she eats in a day and the reply was "that's too personal!". I want to help 🙁

  11. Love that you made a video about this. My friends were doing this diet, I told them to stop and carb the fuck up. Now they are try a high carb vegan diet for 30 days

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