Lockdown Recipe: 2 Ingredient Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Lockdown Recipe: Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss | Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss | 2 Ingredient Pancake Recipes | Quarantine Recipes | Healthy …

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46 thoughts on “Lockdown Recipe: 2 Ingredient Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Recipes

  1. Prathyusha Ravi May 3, 2020 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    Hi mam
    I am in obese condition.I am following clean eating habits and your diet plan I lose some water weight.but not losing stubborn fat weight,can you please suggest me what to follow

  2. Hi vicky D's vijaya I'm on diet I lost 3kgs in 20days but fr 1month my way got stuck I'm also started it Summer 10days10kg diet plan it is 3rd day not not even lost one kg also old share me any diet plan to loss my wt. My wt=88kgs HT=5'8" age=30

  3. Wow awesome 😍😋 mouthwatering 👍 mam can I take thiz ifthar tym snack plz tell me mam from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰👍

  4. vaishnavi vaishnavi May 3, 2020 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    Hi Vicky. How are you?!! Plz tell me substitute for eggs. Am pure vegetarian. Take care Vicky. Love you from India

  5. Vicky…..I have done ur size zero diet plan for 3 days ….I have lost 4kgs….. love you….can you share any remedie for getting rid of dark underarms & private areas…..I have used many products but all went in vain…..plzzz can you share any remedie?????

  6. It's like a Lucy Wyndham recipe ….she always said in her video which was before 3 or 4 yrs…..btw thank u vicky

  7. Hi VICKY! I have a question about the Summer Diet Plan ( lose 15kg in 10 days). Can you do this diet for a longer period of time? 30 days? It is a very filling diet and easy to follow. I love your channel!!! Thank you!,

  8. Maine aapse pucha tha ki aapki size0 dite me pineapple ki jagha koi dusra fruit use Krskte h Kya but aapne ans nhi diya jeb ans nhi Dena hota toh video Kyu Banati Ho aap

  9. Can i follow omad diet after your egg diet ..i have already lost 5 kgs through egg diet…😁 but now i am fed up of eating eggs .😔.plzz suggest me some other diet…

  10. Stephanie Aranjo May 3, 2020 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    Awesome n easy. Since it's for weight loss how much should I have for Breakfast? God bless u n stay safe.

  11. Hy ma'am previous video m aapne zero size diet plan m aapne… Chia seeds ka koi substitute nai diya hai.. Kyuki.. I don't have chia… And. Iam vegetarian.. Please ma'am aap rp kare

  12. Hello mam ,iam following intermittent fasting. Taking sole water is energetic n reduced cravings . But can i have tea r cofee in the evng .completly avoiding them causing me headache please suggest

  13. I know this question isn't related to the recipe, but since this is the latest uploaded video, I might get an answer….. When a meal plan calls for green tea, is it ok to drink decaffeinated green tea and still reap its weight loss benefits? I'm caffeine-sensitive, that's why. 😀

  14. Your recipes are so yummy i dont feel like i am on diet still losing weight now im 56 from 78 n enjoying my food love you pls give more weight loss yummy recipes

  15. Amazing yaar 😍 u make things easy even for students like me😘😘. Is their any substitute for eggs

  16. Love u sweeti maina kal vickypedia pa apki video dakhi main to wahi ka wahi rah gaye ap bohat beautifull ho,kant kasam sa,
    Vicky main ya diet ramadan ma krlun sahur or aftar ma b plz btai or weight kam hoga plz koi asa diet apna btai jo suhur or iftar ma lun or 1 din ma 1 kg to weight kam ho main bs chkn la rahi hn sahoor or iftar ma

  17. Due to some reason I dont have banana at all.
    I wanted to try this so bad! 😔
    Vicky..any alternative pleaseee..🙏

  18. You are the best, please make video for breast reduction meal plan. I am so done doing exercises nothing helps. Your earlier video also didn’t pour into it too much 🙁

  19. Anyone that's looking for the recipe:
    1 banana
    1 egg
    In a blender

    Add some oil in a pan and cook it.
    Top it with whatever u want and enjoy❤

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