Kids Weight Loss Diet | Children Diet Plan

Kids Weight Loss Diet | Children Weight Loss Diet Plan | Kids Diet To Lose Weight | Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast For Kids | Kids Diet Chart | Diet Plan For …

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37 thoughts on “Kids Weight Loss Diet | Children Diet Plan

  1. Hi Vicky,I've been ur subscriber and I really want to lose weight. Can u make a video how to lose weight here in the Philippines because some of the ingredients u use is not available here thank you and God bless 💜❤️

  2. I’m fat but it’s kind of like a joke know cuz I’m taller than kids that are way older than me so they know I would body them

  3. love your voice…can hear you for hours….plz share a balancd diet for kids height increasing too.coz my son is 11 years but his height is less than the standerd chart..and is more heavy around his tummy.

  4. From when I was 8..Kids in school would call me a elephant, Fatboat,etc…they would scream earthquake when I would pass by.. I had no one because of my overweight condition..ALL MY FRIENDS LEFT ME…I tried many diet plans until I found u…😭😭thnx very much I used ur plans for months and i have lost 45 pounds…

  5. Hi Vicky, can you please make a video which includes cooking…. Would like to give home cooked food to my son…. thanks

  6. Hello i just came across this chanel right now and i am in need of help but my son is allergic to eggs and soy and i do have all the time in the world for him thank you so much. And he is not a picky eater either

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