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30 thoughts on “Ketogenic meals: what I usually eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks.

  1. All well and gud…whether keto or not..but lady with no carbs to retain water and all the increased endotoxins from fat…plz drink more water..4 cups is just not enough…over that u like salt..gotta wash all that sodium…do not do any kind of diet without making sure to flush your self with water and resupply electrolytes on daily basis…

  2. Hey hun nice upload and it's great diet but it's not ketogenic. Not enough fat in your bacon. And 100g of carbs is way too high. You'll never get into ketosis eating like this, but I hope you're doing well. 🙂

  3. I don't trust her… lol European butter. U guys think because it's European it's great. I'm European and we laugh and u guys in America a lot

  4. You need that Macha and Cacao (caffeine) to give you energy throughout the day because Keto doesnt give the body adequate energy. The body needs carbs for energy. Fat as an energy source is very inefficient for the human body. You think you are doing well on Keto, but in reality you need stimulants (caffeine is a drug) for energy and youre getting your nutrition from carbs lol!!! All those Greens you eat are very healthy and is keeping you somewhat balanced while eating all that nasty fat

  5. Love your video. Just starting Keto and getting overwhelmed with the food choices and cooking all day. But seeing what you eat is inspiring, so I know I can do it without spending all day figuring out what to eat. I need simple. I can't eat that much green, but I could do it over time. I wouldn't listen to all the nay sayers, keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the rest of your videos. This is the first one. Thank You.

  6. Love to see the weird stuff you eat. My keto diet is effective, but so bland. Would love to see some more recipes. Thanks!

  7. I loved everything, but, girl!!!!!!,I feel like I would have to mortgage a house (that I don't have) to afford this stuff!

  8. If you are eating greens you are not in a Keto diet , no matter how little you eat, even 10g of carbs a day will kick you out of ketosis. You are on a low carb diet but no keto

  9. Guillermina Bentil-Owusu October 28, 2017 at 8:40 am - Reply


  10. I don't get it.. why would you choose the less fat bacon.. the whole thing is very confusing. Why don't you call it low carb diet, because it's def. not keto diet.. imho

  11. understanding the scripture October 28, 2017 at 8:40 am - Reply

    She is giving wrong information for a ketones diet. Please go by the Akins way you will lose very fast.

  12. Yo, everyone. Stay away from those vegan radicals. I have never witnessed so many people at each other throats with all that agenda filled so-called studies the always like to show everybody. All those studies are the usual agenda, radical, eating animals is violence BULLSHIT!!! Now they are even going into and disrupting people while they are eating in thge restaurants. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT. But when you disrupt another person`s business that`s it. NO MORE!! These idiots forget since most them are Godless, faithless idiots, that our good Lord God Almighty educated on which animals clean and unclean to consume. Especially when back even just hundred years ago there was no food processing. But as usual the Godless and faithless idiots think only thing when it comes to the good Lord God. THEY KNOW MORE. THEY KNOW BETTER. JUST AS I ALWAYS ANSWER EVERYTHING ELSE. I SAY; "TELL IT TO THE ALMIGHTY WHEN YOU STAND IN FRONT OF HIM. AND WE WILL ALL STAND IN FRONT HIM. You see, what they do is they get angry at you, messenger. I say take up with and get mad at Him!! But unlike them I just as any good man or woman of God, will never hate them. A good man/woman of the Lord prays for them. Yes, even the bad guys. May God forgive them and open their eyes. Well bye, bye for and may God bless you all and may GOD BLESS AMERICA. iSHMAEL "EL ISHBO" DIAZ

  13. Hello Terra and good day to you. Thank you for your advise about keto diet. One thing for sure is it keeps you looking delicious!!! Also so nice to hear it from a fellow latino/Latina. I`m Latino myself. Now tell me Terra. Tell me you don`t miss a little ARROZ CON GANDULES. Or a little Mofongo. Ha, ha. Bye, bye Ishmael "El Ishbo" Diaz.

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