Keto Chicken Divan Recipe

I’m pretty sure everyone’s mother made some version of Chicken Divan while they were growing up. The recipe originated in a New York City hotel and was the …

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8 thoughts on “Keto Chicken Divan Recipe

  1. Always good, always great. I only watch your channel when I'm hungrey or about to cook because you are always comming up with something new, exciting, and ofcourse, looks great.

  2. This does look yummy. I suppose you could change up the veg or meat in this one too. Thanks for sharing, & take care. 💖🙂🐶

  3. Thanks for sharing.  It looks delicious!  I will definitely try it.  I have been doing keto for seven years.  I like the mental clarity, high energy, reduced inflammation and appetite suppressant attributes.  I have a basic list of items delivered from Whole Foods twice a month.  I enjoy a plant-based keto lifestyle along with 18:6 intermittent fasting daily.  I have two well balanced meals daily over six hours.  I avoid fruits except berries, starches, grains, corn, sugar, soy, refined carbs, GMO's and processed foods.  I keep it simple so I do not have to over think it.  Keep sharing.  Cheers!

  4. Oh my goodness, it's wonderful and keto friendly! 🙂 I will make it tomorrow, thank you. I'm from England, and we don't use tinned soup to make meals or sauces, but I can see how it would work both sides of the pond. 🙂

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