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In Today’s video I will be sharing with you my entire meal plan for the day. This meal plan will help you to include more vegetables in your diet. Its a great way to make your kids eat veggies…

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29 thoughts on “Indian Menu Plan + Recipes -Healthy Weight loss / How to make Kids eat Veggies – RealLife RealHome

  1. Hi. Appreciate it. Keep the veg recipes coming. Always looking frwrd to your vids. Your voice shows also alot calmness and strength.

  2. HI… I am from Pakistan and loving ur videos very much… you are such a good cook and share weight loss yummy recipes… please tell me how to make makai ki roti and also the video in which you said to prepare batter of urad dal and rice and then add any veg in it and make pan cake out of it.. so I want you to ask if I want to make it with out rice to avoid carbs then how I should make that… kindly reply of my msg..

    You are doing a wonderful job and please share ur routine and healthy recipes videos.. will love to watch…

    Keep it up.. Take care

  3. Is the bouillon vegetarian? My husband is a strict vegetarian, he does not eat meat based broth hence the question. The ones at Costco I have seen are either beef or chicken based.

  4. Superb! Thanks for that carrot soup recipe actually. I need to eat them but i cant. May be this soup will help me. Thanks alot for always being an inspiration di. Achha if we dont get red onions, white onions wud do? Cz red onions are'nt always available here.
    Lots of love. Thanks again. Fatema iraq

  5. Please try Instant pot and suggest us meal prep and recipes through it.. It's a huge community now. Love your videos. very informative

  6. Forgot to mention about sarson saag recipe anuji, it is shown in very simple n healthy way. So really thank you for that too

  7. Thanks a ton again Anu… For such lovely recepies.
    And its called 'ravayi' which is used for mashing or mixing butter milk made of wood. Tc.

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