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22 thoughts on “I tried the “Military Diet” for 3 days

  1. I am so thankfull for these videos. I have adhd and i can't concentrate much on people talking in vlogs but you make then straight to the point and clean and that's wellness for my brain THANKSSSSS

  2. This is best way to lose weight, i did it, i was 55 kg, now 53 kg in 3 days, inshaAllah i will do it again after 4 days


    Losing weight can be hard, especially with so many confusing diet plans and methods to chose from.
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  4. Hi sw i have been watching you through yesterday honey u did thoose diets but if u gainin weight quickly u should give some break honey. Ur a cute person just stay healthy

  5. Ok no offence but you don’t need to brag about loosing two kilos like I’m a steady 43 kilos and I can easily loose that just by drinking a lot of water and eating a lot less than I usually would. I also am a vegetarian so idk if that’s a diet you could try? Maybe going vegetarian and not eating snacks and instead substitute it for water?

  6. Just Another Soul March 8, 2019 at 11:23 am - Reply

    I want to try this but I’m that person who eats 14” pizza with a burger meal in one go so this real hard for me lmaooo I eat huge portions of food I can’t do small so someone help 😭 I need to lose belly fat I’m currently on 75kg wanting to go on 65kg

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