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27 thoughts on “I tried the Egg Diet for 3 Days.

  1. Common Questions Asked:
    How tall am I? 170cm
    Is that water in the water bottle? Yes.
    What do I eat for dinner? It's oatmeal porridge, the recipe is in the description.
    Did you exercise during the diet? No.
    Any questions regarding what can they eat instead of eggs.. Etc.. I cannot suggest you anything as I have not invented this diet, nor am I a dietician.
    Why are you getting different results or look different compared to me? We're all different. First your initial weight may be different, then your metabolism may be different. Finally everyone has a different weight distribution in terms of muscle and fat. And remember muscle weights more than fat 🙂

  2. Hi dear ,you are amazing .Im glad I saw your channel and this video.You inspired me to try the diet. And it surprise me because I lost 4pounds just in 3days,Eggs is really did a great job and it has a lot of benefits into our body and health.Btw, I did a video about my 3days egg diet journey and it’s legit. Thankyou thankyou😘😘❤️

  3. Lalitha Bandaru May 9, 2020 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    I started this diet may 5th that my weight 57.1kg today 4thday today morning I will check my weight 54.8 and loss weight 2.8kgs.In three days only daily same food I will eat.I will take and four litres water not only three days water. April 3th I will start another diet and I will drink four liters water I will take but no use because I am loss only just 5ks only in may 5th.may 5th I watched this video I will try it but I cnt believe me feel happy but little bit I am hungry but my target recharge that's it today also start same diet.i will check my weight in Sunday only. I am daily walking in 2 km and little bit running because I am fat I cnt run it and little bit exercise because so much body pains but I will do it not mainly exercise in this diet but any diet u follow conform daily exercise because increase in ur metabolism.

  4. I’m starting today! I will update you all, my weight now is 54 kilo’s (i didn’t look this morning so i’m guessing.. but 2 days ago it was 54) –

    day 1: 54
    day 2: 53

  5. You literally ate like half what you need for 5 days. No shit you lost weight lol. You know people look up to these videos and get a distorted perception of their bodies. Then they end up in the hospital…

  6. A single egg has a thousand mg cholesterol and has a 55 calories. Let's look at the cholesterol guys. Not safe at all. Too much egg can cause cancer. Doctors' adviced to eat 4 eggs in a week.

  7. I ate scramble eggs at breakfast and my mom thinks I'm starving myself. That is the reason I can't go on a diet

  8. Basically , eating 6 boiled eggs a day = 930kcal
    So it’s not the eggs thats making her lose weight it’s the calorie intake , in 930 u can eat
    80z grilled salmon / 1 cup of rice / 2 wedges chicken fajita quesadilla/
    Any 2 of those u can replace daily instead of the dry eggs 🙂

  9. I'm 53.5kg i've tried egg diet for 1week but I tried diet egg and so some workout only 1day I lost 0.5kg.

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