I did the Military Diet and it worked!

Find the diet and details here: http://themilitarydiet.com/ The Military Diet is just the first step in my lifestyle / weight loss change.

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22 thoughts on “I did the Military Diet and it worked!

  1. I love your review of the Military Diet..I am currently on it at Day 3! Your video definitely gave me motivation!!! It's the morning of day 3 approximately 3:50a.m..Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Any diet that cuts calories will work, the faster you lose weight the more likely you are to put it back on, I recommend flexible dieting if you want something that's maintainable for life

  3. Nothing special about it, all it's doing is cutting your calories you can do that eating the same foods you generally eat lol

  4. I'm on day one I had lunch a couple hours ago and I'm STARVINGGGGG I couldn't eat the tuna but yea I'm sooo excited for dinner bc I get MEAT WOOHOOO

  5. Good joob but I hope you know you only lost water weight not fat…. Maybe maybe 1 pound of fat just maybe but the majority is water weight…. But good job

  6. I'm starting tomorrow I've been fighting to get back into the army I'm 24 … and 238 … need to be 225 preferably… it's going to take everything I got to be disciplined enough …

  7. i did the military diet to begin my weight loss i only lost 3 pounds but 3 pounds in 3 days is great that was 2 months ago n i was at 175 i since just been exercising and eating right im now at 157😃 gona do it again to see if it helps me loose more

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