How to start AIP! Paleo Autoimmune Protocol in 4 steps (Cold Turkey Method)

Find the shopping list here!: This is my original, cold-turkey method of diving into AIP! If you would like to ease into the protocol in Baby …

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40 thoughts on “How to start AIP! Paleo Autoimmune Protocol in 4 steps (Cold Turkey Method)

  1. How long do you stay on this type of diet? I have to autoimmune(currently graves-not active and UC-flair managed by meds)

  2. AIP stresses me out so much. I want to do it, I REALLY want to. I’m vegan tho so I don’t eat meat and most of my protein comes from things that aren’t AIP compliant and on top of that, I’m a culinary student so I’m also surrounded by and encouraged to taste things that I shouldn’t eat according to this diet. Also, it boggles my brain to take that many food items out of my diet. I can admit that corn, tomatoes, eggplant, gluten, even soy upset my system. But I don’t ever notice bad reactions to nuts, seeds, grains or legumes which is definitely what stresses me out the most when I think about doing this diet. I need some help and clarity. It all feels so overwhelming >.<

  3. Georgiana Cavendish December 2, 2019 at 6:57 pm - Reply

    Is there a label feature that denotes AIP compliance? I have seen P / PF (paleo-friendly) on a few labels. I’m agoraphobic so my husband does the grocery shopping. He would do his best to avoid non-compliant foods but, if there were something on the label to facilitate the choosing of correct foods, that would make it basically fool-proof. Thank you.

  4. Samantha Mom of 5 December 2, 2019 at 6:57 pm - Reply

    I’ve been eating everything. I know I have to start AIP. There is an addiction aspect. I don’t know how to get geared up and commit hardcore.

  5. Baby stepping to complete AIP. We as a family are transiting on AIP and your input is golden. Thank you SO MUCH! 100% starting tomorrow, with a toddler. Subscribed💚

  6. How did you deal with histamine intolerance? Does lamb not trigger the red-face response? Please share you wisdom! I've never seen anyone's story that was so similar to my own.

  7. As I left you a post on another video I really appreciate it I was eating grains organic butter cottage cheese your list made it pretty simple thanks I'll let you know in 30 days I'm going to try my best

  8. Well sea food and red meats are not super star for me either!! I'm highly allergic to both . . So yrs chicken for me .. and yes it's a super star for me . I feel great . .

  9. This is interesting to me. For years I’ve had inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis – spots on my torso and all over my scalp. I’ve tried avoiding gluten and dairy for the most part but I’m still suffering. I guess it can’t hurt to try this approach…

  10. RealWorldAIP just a huge thank you for your great videos, for being so brave in sharing your personal experience for our benefit, and for making AIP sound doable. I haven't really started it myself yet… still trying to get my mind wrapped around having to make these changes. Especially because I LOVE food… but with my hashimoto's out of control, I know I have to take matters into hand and jump in. Your great personality and easy going approach definitely makes it less intimidating. I will continue to watch your new videos… and hopefully, I can succeed in getting my health back. Thank you again!!

  11. Hi!
    Im 24 years old and I have had hypothyroidism for 18 years and now the naturopath said its hashimotos. I have had a rash on my elbow for years, I have brain fog, anxiety and my knees get really swollen one at a time. I got tested for food intolerances and there is A LOT of them. Most vegetables and fruits and all nuts and seeds. So Im avoiding those and Im also on the AIP diet. Its been 3 weeks now and I dont feel any better. I am so confused for all the different suggesions that I read online. I feel like giving up, even today Im barely walking 😢 I have 3 little kids.. I just wanted to ask, how do I know what foods Im sensitive for other than the food on the test they did for me??!? I just dont know what to eat anymore. I eat bone broth daily and vegetables cooked in a lot of of coconut oil, or with olive oil in the oven, little bit of chicken or fish. I thought red meat is bad?! Im SO CONFUSED! This has been 3 years now that I can barely walk and I just dont know what to do anymore. I hope you can reply!

  12. Hello, I really like your videos! When did you start noticing changes with AIP diet? I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, and I've been on AIP for 1 week, and i don't feel any different. At which point did the brain fog fade away completely? It would be nice if you can describe your progress over the years (if you have't already). I've noticed you have a lot of (coock) books. Is there any you could recommend? Keep up the good work with your channel!

  13. Did all you hair grow back from when it fell out? If so how long did it take for it grow in? If u could do a video on that it would be helpful.

  14. I just have to say – T H A N K.  Y O U !!!!!  I've had a liver autoimmune disease for nearly 20 years now.  On medication to keep it under control.  I fully believe in gaining better health through food.  BUT everything I see on the AIP (which is where I really want to go next) is so complicated.  You bring it down to such a simple to understand and follow method.  I can't thank you enough.  🙂

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