How To Meal Prep – Ep. 1 – CHICKEN (7 Meals/$3.50 Each)

This is a basic, and DELICIOUS, meal prep. Meal prepping saves you time, money, and definitely helps you stay on top of your fitness and health goals.

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46 thoughts on “How To Meal Prep – Ep. 1 – CHICKEN (7 Meals/$3.50 Each)

  1. I cooked this in more than an hour and ended up with cooking enough for four days instead of seven lol. It was my first time cooking too so I guess I didn't do so bad. I am excited for my healthier life style. :)

  2. just wanted you to know that Jordan Cheyenne has the exact same thumbnail for her video 'easy af meal prep for weight loss! cheap and quick meals for weight loss!'

  3. Hey Fit Couple Cooks, great video! I am just wondering how long can you guys store those meal preps in the fridge? Usually cooked chicken lasts for 4 days in the fridge..

  4. do I have to eat the chicken with the yogurt mix? I want to try the chicken recipe but nervous about the yogurt as I am not a fan of Greek yogurt.

  5. Are they storing these meals in the freezer? Just wondering because I know that chicken can only be stored in the fridge for 2-4 days.

  6. Is this just like a single meal for seven days? this is like what most of us eat (Minus the rice and ton of oil) in 1-2 days

  7. this so darn friggin helpful I just have to make bigger portions for everyday meal prep but I friggin love the idea of this vid!!!

  8. Just ran into your videos last night and super exited!!! Love the details you give on the meal preps.. I ran out to the store and have started my very first meal prep… thank you so much,came our delicious

  9. I made this delicious meal prep dish tonight and it was perfect!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I subscribed to your channel and look forward to making more of your dishes.

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