How to Make Paleo Mayonnaise | Beyond Diet Recipes

Did you think that mayonnaise is bad for you? Isabel shows you a Beyond Diet Recipe to make healthy homemade mayonnaise from the comfort of your own …

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32 thoughts on “How to Make Paleo Mayonnaise | Beyond Diet Recipes

  1. what a mess. She obviously doesnt know what shes doing. Its much easier to use a hand blender and a narrow cup.
    First put in the egg then spices and oil blend. why drizzle lol

  2. pinkcashmere1908 August 5, 2017 at 4:44 am - Reply

    i need to know if beyond diet has an option for vegetarians…particularly those who don't eat tofu or other soy products.

  3. Immersion blender would be best: simple place the egg in warm water for just a couple seconds that should kill most pathogens on the egg, no problem using the whole egg; dont have to use any fancy salt regular salt is good enough!! 🙂

  4. canola oil is almost just as healthy as EVOO theres nothing unatural about it and if you use all EVOO its going to taste too strong

  5. Great recipe, but immersion blender is so much easier and failproof. Never, ever have a soupy, runny mess when you use an immersion blender in a mason jar. No mess, no mistakes.

  6. that is a lot of olive oil and how healthy is this.  Although olive oil is considered "healthy fat", it still is fat nonetheless.

  7. WARNING< ALERT< DANGER using raw egg:
     I asked Benjamin Chapman, a food safety expert with N.C. State University and the N.C. Cooperative Extension. He agreed that the acidity in the lemon juice might not affect salmonella if it is already present in the egg.
    More importantly, though, salmonella is only one pathogen that can be present in raw egg. Others, such as E.coli O157, are acid-tolerant. So if E.coli was introduced while you were making the dish, it could grow despite the lemon juice.

    Read more here:

  8. Oh my…I love mayo, but knowing that the commercial mayos are no good for me, I don't eat much of it. My first attempt with Isabel's recipe was with EVOO…way too strong of an olive oil taste for us. Just now I tried the light (in taste) olive oil and chose to make the garlic version with granulated garlic. Just 1/8 t. was all it took. Wow! This is the most creamy and flavorful mayonnaise! I cannot wait to taste it once it's chilled. I don't think I will buy mayo again. This was super quick & easy, too. Thanks, Isabel :o) Next time maybe…Sriracha mayo?

  9. I've used liquid coconut oil, sunflower, olive, hemp…etc etc. All oils work: you can use a mixture of them or just use your fave. Look for extra virgin, cold pressed & organic for the best nutrition! 

  10. What about adding NOW Foods Probiotic-10 25 Billion, Vcaps? I heard 1 probiotic capsule is emptied into the mayonnaise and blended, it will last a good month in the fridge! Is avocado oil better to use instead of extra virgin olive oil? 

  11. Aren't there any neutral oils that are healthy? I've made homemade mayo before and have used olive oil, but it ended up tasting like olive oil.

  12. I have made this recipe of homemade mayonnaise and I like it very well. I highly recommend learning from Isabel. She is GREAT.

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