How to Make Bone Broth (SCD/Keto/Paleo Friendly)

I show you how to make an easy bone broth 🙂 Bone broth is one of the best foods for healing and improving health even with digestive issues. In this video, I …

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24 thoughts on “How to Make Bone Broth (SCD/Keto/Paleo Friendly)

  1. Bloody hell! Your voice, gestures awkward pauses you take mid sentece and emphasising wrong words on weird times (probably your not comfortable while recording) all adds up to this mountain of cuteness (for the lack of better wording or better english).
    I smiled silly for 12 mins thanks to you.
    And i'll try the broth. Do you think it would be allright to ad some garlic to it.

  2. I made a 10 hours bone broth but after I finished I realized no way I can drink this ! It’s so disgusting it’s like I’m drinking car oil ! Can someone help I really do need the gelatins !!!

  3. while on keto, I have struggled to find good bone broth. Store bought is just salt water with no fat content. Then when you do find the good stuff it is ultra pricey, like over 10 dollars for 500 mL. THE SOLUTION… which is so simple, I went to my favorite Vietnamese PHO restaurant and asked them for bone broth. It is made fresh daily by an older vietnamese grandma. It is very tasty, full of great fats and vitamins, made from both chicken and beef bones. Best of all I can buy 5 liters or more at a time, and they only charge me 2 dollars per liter. Try it out

  4. I don’t know who come up with the term bone broth but it’s wrong. When you boil meat with water you get broth. When you boil water with bones you get stock!

  5. So do I have to make this 2 or 3 times a week?
    I don’t understand how often I should be making it or drinking it.
    Do I drink it once a week,once a day,3 times a day ???🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. You should blanche the bones before you boil and simmer because it removes impurities (nasty foam at the top) and will actually make your broth taste A LOT better

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