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23 thoughts on “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10Kg in 10 Days

  1. Hi Versatile thank you very much for you Diet Plan I started on 4th Dec that time weight was 74.8kgs and today 07 Dec 71.5kgs that you very much going to continue the same. Really thanking you. Will post my weight on 10th day.

    Lavanya Jaganathan

  2. I hve no intention to blame this diet plan vicky…I have just asked if saffola is a better way to eat oats…I have followed the plan as prescribed and did not skip the meals at all…I do eat 3 boiled eggs with green tea in the morning..Nd for lunch with green tea and apple again…I eat apple and green tea in the evening and again green tea before bedtime

  3. Mam after following this diet what should i eat ,… Should i have to follow normal diet?
    Moreover i wanna know may i extend this diet for 30 days?

  4. pls versatile vicky api help me.i tried ur diet plan n i lose 8kg in 18 happy with my result bt i want to loose more weight bt in my last few days i dont lose any pound .pls help sis

  5. vicky please reply for me.. it's getting more difficult..I m not loosing weight..I m feeling the risk of putting on weight…I dnt hve prunes to add in oats..I m eating all required elements of the diet…I m eating saffola masala oats…I take green tea and apple on time properly.. I eat eggs with yolk in the morning with organic india green tea nd lunch too

  6. I started the diet today. My current weight is 160.5 lb. I modified the diet little bit because I don't like egg yolks so I had 3 boils egg (whites only), 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and a cup of pineapple green tea. I will do the rest as indicated except no eating the yolks and adding the cottage cheese for protein. I will keep you updated.

  7. I have tried so many diets and I've been reading the comments and I got motivated I'm currently 81.2 kg let's see how the 10 days will go!

  8. Hello, I'm new to your channel. Can we cook the eggs in different ways, or do they have to be boiled?? Also, can I use flavored packed oatmeal, or does it have to be plain? Thanks.

  9. I was 128kg im short with a big belly lol… after following this diet for 30 days i have lost 20 kg and i feel goooooooood!!! but be ware dont have a cheat day as it will just slow you down plus it will be very hard to restart the diet .. dont have a cheat day… just doit… i have lost 20 kg just by relaxing on my sofa .. now i will do another 30 days plus exercise and i will be very very sexy.. it only takes 60 days …. IT REALLY WORKS!!

  10. hi there i want to confirm my friend is trying to get pregnant and she wants to loss weight she can try this loss weight plan?all things are better but too much eggs are good for get pregnancy ?
    can add honey in green tea?can use any type of green tea?
    give me reply please i will wait

  11. hey..i cheated a day with indian meals at noon and 4 paratha and chicken curry with 4 cone icecreams !! will it increase my weight!! or will it cause any prob to this diet!!? plz rplyy any1

  12. HI. First of all thanku for posting this video. I wont take egg. Is there any replacement of egg in this diet plan.If egg icannot be replaced then i will be greatful to u for understanding any pure veg diet. Eagerly waiting for your reply !!!!

  13. hello Vicky! I have been watching all your videos and I need to loose weight asap ..congrats on all the success stories. I would really appreciate if you could answer this three questions before I start the plan
    1. can I drink the Himalayan salt in the morning with this diet even though it is indicated to drink green tea?
    2. Can I eat only the egg whites… does it have the same effect?
    3. does the oatmeal at night will prevent me from loosing weight?
    thanks so much!!!

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