How To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg in 10 Days | Winter Diet Plan For Weight Loss – 10 Kgs

Winter Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss | How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs in 10 Days | Full Day Weight Loss Plan | Winter Weight Loss Recipes Ideas | Winter …

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42 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg in 10 Days | Winter Diet Plan For Weight Loss – 10 Kgs

  1. Very nice video mam…I am going to try this for question can sweet potato be replaced with pumpkin as it is very hard to find sweet potato in North india

  2. Guys anyone have tried Matcha tea?Pls suggest me good quality of matcha, Which brand should I purchase Wow Matcha,Encha, Kimi no or Midori & pure Matcha tea I confused to choose.

  3. hai vicky I have a problem I can't get quinoa and sweet potatoes here u told substitute quinoa with eggs then what the substitute to sweet potatoes can i substitute sweet potatoes with moon dal soup please please tell me i need your help

  4. Great tips.. Just need a bit of advice… I catch cold very fast… That's why I drink only warm water in the winters and need to avoid cucumber… Is there a way I could make warm detox water and fill in with something else other than cucumber if I feel empty… Thanks

  5. U r jus amazing.. Your egg diet plan i jus unbeatable..
    But is it ok to follow your egg diet in winter too????
    Pls pls pls reply..

  6. Amazing vicky d best is u can prepare in bulk n store time saving diet too.
    Vicky plz help me out by answering a few questions regarding d same
    can i get ur email id

  7. Hey vicky, your egg diet plan helped me alot in my weight loss journey and I was able lose upto 16 kgs in 20 days. Can you please upload a diet regarding intermittent fasting for fat loss. Will be waiting for your reply 😊

  8. Vicky, you are awesome and God has blessed you with such a beautiful voice. Even if you say don't ask for substitute, it sounds so polite. There is another channel FatToFab, in case you want to learn some attitude, please check that out. Love you for your detailed diet plans and they are very practical to follow.

  9. Definitely going to try this diet..!!I lost 2.5 kg in 3 days because of your raw meal plan sweetheart..Thanks alot❤Doing a great work😙

  10. I m too much worried dear.. Bcz i have gained 80 kg weight 😥😥 i m nursing mother nd my son is also weak..
    I do have health issues like stomach,joints nd low bp issues

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