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47 thoughts on “how to lose 22lbs in one week (egg diet)

  1. to everyone saying she ‘doesnt need to lose weight’ or is ‘already skinny’ !!! she isnt overweight nor is she underweight. she tried out this diet as an experiment and to give her input on it, not to seek validation from the people in the comments. even if she were to try this diet for her own gain, pls keep in mind that you can be unhappy in your body regardless of what the people around you say <3

  2. I legit eat 2 eggs a day and i also do 3o minutes of zumba and its been a week and i legit dont feel the diference😑

  3. Since this diet consisted of starving ur self, wouldn’t that make it easier to gain all the weight back? And possibly excess weight too?

  4. bruh it was obvious that it is NOT healthy. shit, it's worse than 'Sarah's discovery' bullshit. you should NOT lose 22lbs in a week. it is a temporary fix and you will gain it back

  5. More over u dont have rights to tell about versatile vicky .ur talking like ediot..vicky is the most intelligent girl and she knows that how healthy at all..shut ur mouth. always vicky fan here.

  6. Fuck it ima do it just for a week 🤫 tthhhh I just need to loose some weight so I can feel some what normal running again

  7. Girl we don’t care if it’s not healthy WE WANNA LOSE WEIGHT but fr thank u for telling us and being a good person

  8. For this diet you can eat strawberry and blueberrys with your oatmeal and to substitute green tea you can have cheese on your eggs

  9. It's not unhealthy as long as it is not long term. Fasting you eat 0 calories(which is healthy), people who get gastric surgery eat less than that averaging about 500 calories initially… But again it is not long term…. I have done this egg diet, it works and I was under the supervision of a professional.

  10. You can make your eggs anyway you want to, They just can’t have any type of oil or milk added into it or seasoning to it 🤷🏻‍♀️ you can always spice up your apples with Tajin too

  11. I'm doing the diet however it hasnt seemed too unhealthy. I eat lunch and dinner only due to IF too. I eat two scrambled eggs (plain) with oolong tea (more effective than green tea) and for dinner I eat oatmeal and green tea and it's less than 400 calories. I personally dont feel as if I'm starving I feel so full after every meal and like it feels as if I'm eating big meals but I'm not. Also, I do take multivitamins which are 15 calories a day so if you do this diet I do reccomend taking multivitamins in order to get other nutrients and feel strong, cuz like I said I havent felt weak, or starving whatsoever. Plus I'm losing weight.
    Starting weight: 111.8lbs
    Today's weight: 110.2lbs

  12. the amount of calories you eat also depends on height. a 5'4 woman (average height) should be eating between 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day to maintain your current weight. a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight so eating between 1000-1200 calories while trying to lose weight seems pretty normal to me if you're average height.

  13. Have you never eaten oatmeal before? You put in on the stove with milk, it’s supposed to be creamy…..

    That has to be a joke, oatmeal is really good😂

  14. i’m good with diets i did a diet last summer which I could only drink (fresh lemonade + green tea) and eat only tuna salads or chicken breast with vegetables with some full body workouts…it was a good diet actually In my opinion it was healthy enough for me coz I’ve doing a lot of diets which were so unhealthy……I ended up losing 7.6 kg in 28 days… so I think I’m gonna give this diet a chance too i will come back on October i guess coz i’m not sure when I’m about to start this lol

  15. I don't care if its not healthy I just wanna be a skinny legend. Starving myself for a week to loose 20 pounds sounds good to me.

  16. guys i tried this and it works i lost 2 pounds over night every week .. it sucks but I think it’s pretty good .. it’s not starving yourself it’s portion control

  17. Access this amazing diet program “Kοnοnοz yyd” on Google. I did burned around 12lbs soon after utilizing it for three weeks, inspite of not improving too much along with my very own weight loss plan or perhaps work out. I`m truly pumped up about it. I believe it has inspired me and also inspired me. .

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