HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS My experience with the Military Diet!

Okay I know I’ve been slacking with my videos and I do apologize. But I have been super busy with festivals and events. I recently started a charity that I am now …

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24 thoughts on “HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS My experience with the Military Diet!

  1. OMG kitni bakwas ki hy…coffee coffee blablabla..time waster shut the fuck up..dnt talk irrelevant

  2. Please change the battery in your smoke alarm. You are gorgeous and sweet though. Sorry to start negative with comments it just distracted me. ❤️

  3. Diet day explain na ko though khabary dy dery ziathyoky ;-). speak much 😛
    dear try to concentrate on idea rather thn on bunch of words, focus on the main theme rather thn this and that
    hope u got it +vely

  4. Great book packed with useful hints and tips on how to successfully loose weight using this method. This book is not about 'how to diet' instead it's about how to change your lifestyle to a better, happier and healthier one. Lots a good common sense advice, a must for everyone's bookshelf. Read More → 🙂

  5. I have a few questions!
    1. For the tea , can I add lemon?
    2. If I wake up or start my day at 8 am , what time should my meals be at?
    3. What type if Tuna should I get? (there are some that are with mayo and stuff)
    4. What type of vanilla ice cream, does it have to be specific like sugar free?

    Loved the video, thank you!

  6. Go to debyan neves 3 day military diet, she gets straight to the point and there is no shouting either or talking talking for no reason

  7. Omg I'm at 183,4 and just started, I'm on day 2. So excited to keep doing this diet. You look great, I want some hennaaaaa !!!!

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