How to: Lose 10 lbs on the 3 Day Military Diet

For more information including menu plans, exercise recommendations, and a list of food substitutes, read our Military Diet blog article …

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23 thoughts on “How to: Lose 10 lbs on the 3 Day Military Diet

  1. i have a question…i can not eat or drink anything containing grapefruit and i miss it sooooo much…because of medications…are there any subs

  2. My girlftriend pointed out this “vivi awesome plan” diet guide (google it) to me when we all we’re discussing one day. You will need to google this and review it. Since i have started using this diet guide my way of life has absolutely turned around. I am extremely happy with the insane amount of weight I have already droped which is almost 16 lbs since starting up.

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  6. Does this diet actually work? I plan to start on Monday. I need to lose weight desperately. Anyone have any tips on anything else I should do while on the diet?

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