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30 thoughts on “How to Grocery Shop at Costco on the Paleo Diet | Danielle Walker

  1. The 't' in often is SILENT! One does not sofTen their clothes; you 'soff-en' your clothes. Similarly, it is properly pronounced 'off-en.' Millenials…. ugh.

  2. This really helps me so I can shop at Costco and how you explain thing ingredients and although what's in each food is good thank you

  3. I live in the bay just like Danielle, and yes we have access to a lot of organic food. However, I live in a low income area and even though I have a Costco membership myself I shop at food 4 less or foods co. Those places carry a brand called "simply organic" it's organic and non GMO, its very affordable and love all their products. Hope this info helps.

  4. everything made at costco has soy in it, every sweets bakery foods, i used to buy there cooked rotisserie chickens, but when i looked on the lable there it was , soy, if you look up soy you will find all the bad effects it causes. funny how very few people know what soy dose to you since its in everything now and the reason why its in everything.

  5. Would you do a video on how you store your produce to last longer in the fridge? Thank you, these videos are helpful!

  6. is your nail polish healthy and organic or is your style gel healthy and organic and is it all safe when you wash it all down the drain

  7. must be nice to buy all the expensive food ,but I myself being on a fixed income due to my health and no I don't get food stamps your eating diet is high priced but I guess you can afford it because due to getting paid off here and please stop saying organic its farm raised and please recycle all that unnecessary plastic

  8. This diet is certainly not for those people on food stamps. I’me going to my bank and take out
    a loan. I wonder how the cave people made there money to be able to afford this diet?

  9. The Costcos in Los Angeles don't have that many healthy options. It's getting better, but I'd have to drive out to Burbank or Los Feliz for a healthier varieties if I'm not being cheap lol

  10. great information,,,, thanks so much. Well worth watching for all the shopping tips… then you aren't wandering around Costco… thank you again

  11. wow food is sooo much more expensive in Australia. a container half the size of those rasberries cost 9 dollars in Australia

  12. great ideas. we love when they have the almond flour in stock! they started carrying paleo pancake mix at the store near us!

  13. This Costco must be in a high dollar neighborhood. We only have those sausages. None of anything else. All bad dairy and the shitty produce.

  14. i haven't used my Costco Card in a long time because its a lot of processed bulk stuff. But this video will get me to rethink that, thank you for doing this for us.

  15. Great video! Thanks for all these great suggestions so we can all locate them in our local store or make requests for Costco to carry more of these products. I get so overwhelmed by the whole Costco experience and tend to make a hasty retreat but you've inspired me to search for these healthy and less expensive choices. Thanks Danielle!

  16. I wish my Costco here in Florida had half of those items. The only option I have here is Whole Foods and that is 45 minutes away from me and it is a bit expensive buying the smaller food packages.

  17. Where do you live? I can't believe the amount of organic stuff you get at Costco. We don't have half the stuff you have!

  18. My daughter was recent diagnosed with celiacs. Her dietician recommended doing the paleo diet. Do you avoid foods with "natural flavors"? I heard companies like to hide gluten in the natural flavorings (even products that claim to be gluten free).

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