HOW TO BATCH COOK | easy meal prep ideas & healthy recipes

Learn how to batch cook to make meal prep easy, fun and exciting! This video shares tips for how to batch cook, some easy meal prep ideas and teaches you …

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18 thoughts on “HOW TO BATCH COOK | easy meal prep ideas & healthy recipes

  1. Hello, what is your favorite brand of tahini? I heard that the thrive market brand tasted very bitter. I’ve never had tahini before.

  2. I didn’t kn there was a term for it…. but that’s exactly how I meal prep. I love this! Thanks Alyssa!!!! ❤️😍❤️😍

  3. I can totally relate to this! I prefer to prep different ingredients and then mix & match when I’m ready to eat. Love this video!

  4. I have developed a rather unconventional method of meal planning & batch cooking for 4 different diets, but my strange method helps keep everyone healthy and saves us as much $ as possible given the unusual circumstances. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and gathered a few new tips along the way 🙂

  5. Thanks Alyssa, you’ve really helped me to eat more plant based (especially since I’m in university & animal protein is pricey). I will definitely be following some of your meal prep/batch ideas because they look fantastic!

  6. One, I love your videos because of the recipes and the messages you provide. And two….I really am intrigued by your soup recipes…maybe a soup meal-prep/batch cooking video…maybe lol

  7. Thank you soon much. I really needed this video because meal prepping has not been something I've had success with but I believe this will help me alot. Thanks again!

  8. hi there…I was hoping you were getting more into batch cooking, yay…thanks, love the series!
    unfortunately the simplyprepped link doesn't work…

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