HOW I EAT KETO + PALEO | Leaky Gut Protocol RECAP

Hello! I’ve missed vlogging and talking to you all last week – crazy, right?!! Here is my recap and results of leaky gut, and also a full day of eating Keto & Paleo!

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7 thoughts on “HOW I EAT KETO + PALEO | Leaky Gut Protocol RECAP

  1. Loved the video! The instant pot intimidates me too. I really think I should have one though since I work long hours and don't usually get to eat dinner until around 9pm!

  2. Yay! So glad for a vlog style video! I'm so glad the leaky gut protocol went well and that you're feeling better! And I'm also glad that you've added the heavy cream back since I know you missed it so much! Thank you for sharing the tip about drinking water before coffee. I've just finished my bottle of water and now I'm getting started on my coffee with heavy cream. What type of digestive enzymes are you taking? I'd like to start taking them. I don't have leaky gut (as far as I know), but I feel like I can benefit from doing things that promote gut health. I'm glad you're back on keto! Also, I love when you share new keto snacks that you find. I am super excited to head to Kroger for some of that vanilla almond butter! As a fellow food-lover, I can totally relate to your sentiments about why you love keto so much! Lastly, I don't have an instant pot but I'd be interested in an instant pot recipe video because it would be helpful if/when I get one. I've been thinking about it!

  3. I'm glad you're back on keto. If I started adding a bunch of fruit and honey I would go crazy and eat everything in sight. I'm looking forward to your videos from that new cookbook. I don't have an instant pot but I want one so I am interested in those videos as well.

  4. Roberto Guenther May 22, 2020 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    I am looking forward to switching up back to paleo/keto too! What recipe did you use for the cauliflower mash? Love these videos!

  5. Ugh those pickled onions sound amazing! I need to get on this low carb train. Since I'm a vegetarian I feel like so many of my meals have carbs in them. I get so much brain fog, bloating, etc, and that's really all I can think of that's doing it. I guess I just never know where to start! Most low carb info I've found has mostly meat recipes, etc. That lemon cake tea I know I've seen you get before, I have to find it. I have these dessert teas by red rose (I can't remember if I said something about it on another video lol) and they just have a bit of stevia and they are SO GOOD. I'll have to send you one of each flavor to try. The lemon cake one is AHHHmazing. Omg my instant pot is my favorite thing in my kitchen. I ended up selling my crock pot because I honestly never used it!

  6. I actually found your channel because I was looking for paleo videos! So glad I found your channel and book club! ❤️

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