How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget! (Cheap & Clean)

I am living on a budget, just like most of you. Is it really possible to eat healthy? YES! Here are my top 20 tips on how I shop smart, what ingredients I buy to live …

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49 thoughts on “How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget! (Cheap & Clean)

  1. me and my husband went to tesco at 11.30 pm we got a fish pie for 5p, chicken curry meady meal for 15p, samosas for 3p. an entire dinner for 2 cost us 23p! Im serious. Go in the last 30 mins b4 they close

  2. Love your ideas! I now eat the healthiest food and nutrition of my whole life, by doing these things:
    Grow some of your OWN organic food, using the ideas in the book "ALL MY SECRETS OF ORGANIC AND CONTAINER GARDENING SO FAR" on Amazon. Even if you live in a city apartment, you can still start to grow a few herbs — some chives, lettuce, green onions — in a windowsill (preferably south-facing if you have it). Many cities now offer "community garden plots." I live in the city and have half a lot, so I have 100 containers/buckets in my backyard in a space of only about 15 feet square. I get a LOT of organic, clean food from that small space. Right now, I have radishes (both red and daikon), end-of-season green tomatoes, cabbages, bok choy, onions, leeks, asparagus, lima beans, turnips, spinach, kale, strawberries, kohlrabi, oregano, dill, chives, and the last of the tomatillo, yellow squash, and eggplants. All are organic and non-GMO, and many are even cheaper because I started keeping seed from my own plants to use in the next year. I make my own compost and catch rainwater, so I control all inputs into this very clean and nutritious, fresh food.

    — On top of this, I am vegetarian, so have NO expensive meat costs.
    — I quit buying soft drinks/sodas about 20 years ago, not only because of the sugar, but more importantly because of the PRESERVATIVE (sodium benzoate) that it is loaded with, so that it has a long shelf life.
    — On top of this, I quit ALL FAST FOOD restaurants (or drive-throughs) because of the cost, quality, "hydrogenated" oils, preservatives, etc. They are just not worth it, for your body.
    — I NEVER buy commercial breads anymore, mainly because of the "additives," preservatives, and their use of aluminum-based baking powder (linked to Alzheimer's). I now only eat bread that I have made myself, from scratch — which means I also eat less bread and eat it less often, which is good!
    It is great that more people now want to KNOW what is in their food and how it was grown.

  3. Great video & Great tips!!!! Love your channel!! We are two sisters who have a passion for food and helping others live a healthier lifestyle. Head over to our page and check out our 'Fall into October' series — we came up with 9 healthy Food Tutorials for the month of October that are focused around the most popular ingredient…PUMPKIN SPICE! We think you would really enjoy our simple, easy to do recipes and we promise they are delicious <3

  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! I'm so glad that someone (you) have finally said that we don't have to go Organic.
    My twin sister and I have just started working out with your videos.

  5. i was really enjoying this video…until i got to the part of the eggs, i know caged eggs are cheaper, but at what cost? sure i can save a few bucks, but its just not right :/
    …and that "sorry chickens" comment, it was unnecessary in my opinion, sounds like you're making fun of something really serious and sad :(

  6. there is no scientific evidence that organic is healthier! in fact a lot of GMO fruits and veggies are actually better for you because of their longer shelf life! go ahead and eat GMOs. they are great!

  7. its very possible to eat clean on a budget! Thanks for the info! I will make sure to send my client to check out your videos! Check me out my channel at annalise pilar!

  8. there is absolutely no reason to buy organic from a nutritional point of view.
    Organic produce is about the environment, but even this ais not always the case, as the regulation, in some ways, have fallen behind the non organic industry

  9. Tofu and dry beans and lentils are super cheap and you can get them for a little more than a dollar! They're cheaper than animal meats AND packed with more protein per serving!!

  10. organics arent neccesarily healthier or tastier. eggs or meat arent the best way to get protein. go with beans, tofu, lentils etc. plants offer much more.

  11. Right, if you can't afford organic, just clean the veggies and fruit properly. Very useful tip! Also, people don't seem to care about restaurant food whether it is organic, cage free, free range etc. But then turn around and get really strict with grocery items. If you can afford organic later then great. Thanks, you're tips seem to be for normal people who are busy and need short cuts

  12. Hi joanna, i love love your ideas!! I recently found your channel. Can you make a video about how to store each food?

  13. Mystic Eyes of Distortion December 3, 2016 at 11:18 am - Reply

    I disagree on discount cards. They are soo bothersome. Yes you save some money but you may get spam letters from them, you may have to spend time on finding and activating coupons, you have to take all of your cards with you… so in the end the benefits are not that much I think.

  14. Honestly, when I clicked on your video, I assumed that it would be another healthy person saying, "I only pay $7 a meal" because you only have to cook for yourself. I was truly surprised. You did an amazing job. Thank you for your help. It really was great!

  15. Most local markets in the city I live in are more expensive than supermarkets because they're trying to keep up with corporate businesses like the supermarkets

  16. With community programs you can get canned and dry goods; and you can use your money you save to buy the veggies and meats you wouldn't be able to afford otherwise

  17. Food bank and local community pantry programs help a lot too. Check with local church groups and community centres; and if you have a community resource website or even homeless shelters help too.

  18. This video is definitely fantastic! It helps me remember of times when my spouse used Fenoboci Diet Plan to lose 19 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people would like to lose fat, however we also need to remain nutritious, and that is what Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

  19. Video was great up until the moment we see that you don't use free range eggs. You should really educate yourself and watch some footage that shows the tragedy of caged chickens and the impossibly tough lives they endure because people like yourselves advocate it by buying these heartbreaking products and not spending a few more pennies on free range eggs.

    Your videos are really great but I can't watch anymore of them because of your moral standards. How anyone has the heart to buy these products knowing the price that these chicken pay with dire quality of life is beyond me. Think about the negativity you are putting into your body by eating a product that's come from a place of deep suffering. That honestly can't be good for you. Even people that aren't vegetarians feel quite strongly about buying caged chickens eggs. They are a big no-no. Free range eggs are about 89p for SIX. That's cheap as chips! No one can honestly justify skimping on a product of this nature. These sweet little creatures that produce these wonderful eggs to give you protein and nourish your body deserve more respect. They don't need your apologies – they need your support, so please spend a few more pennies!

  20. Thank you Joanna. I really enjoy your videos. I have a large family and we know what it is like to be on a budget with food. I think you are making wise choices for the budget that you are on. I would like to say to the hardcore organic only people is you need to face a little reality. Unless you are growing or raising your food directly or know the farmer who is, you have no idea of the true quality of the food.First of all the USDA Organic standards are a joke. Food producers are allowed to get by with the leanest of standards (in the USA). So Organic Certified is questionable. Also the farming practices are so industrialized it has been known for decades that the soil quality has been depleted. Also, the price gauging on "Organic" foods is a crime. Many producers of organic foods take advantage of that label to triple the cost of their foods because they know people out there will pay it because it is labeled organic. Google the internet and see how many of these companies have been scamming people about the quality and production of their products. Everyone needs to find a good vitamin supplement to take to guarantee they are getting the necessary nutrition.

  21. free range eggs are the same price as caged eggs in this country mostly if you look about it's actually not that expensive at all :)

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