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  1. to make that bruschetta next level add some balsamic vinegar or glaze 🙂 the glaze won't be as healthy but it's sooo good

  2. Can you do recipes for in the morning before uni? Wouldn't have the time to do these!! Haha or if you have already done one someone give the title please 😂💖

  3. Every time i make vegan pancakes theyre not cooked inside and gross. Tried many recipes lol maybe its just me

  4. Hi, I am italian and I love your video.😊
    The correct pronunciation of BRUSCHETTA is BRUSKETTA 😊
    XX ❤

  5. For the pancakes, can you taste the banana in it? Because I don't like the taste of banana in stuff like pancakes, muffins, etc. If you can taste it, do you have any other suggestions that I can replace the banana with?

  6. Can I just toast the bread, then add the tomato mixture? What is the benefit of toasting it in the oven with all the tomatoes already on?

  7. The morning I eat just a banana with orange juice 😂🍊 I think I will make these pancakes 🥞 thx ! 💪🏻

  8. Love this video!! Gonna make the pancake recipe for breakfast tomorrow for sure.
    Keep going, your work is amazing.
    Lots of love from France,
    – Bea ♡

  9. I also drink green tea when I first get up (after a quick 10 minute morning workout) I love green tea. i feel weird when I skip drinking it!


  10. I love your videos and I've tried a few of your recipes that were tasty! You're amazing! My favorite youtuber! I have a couple questions: do you take iron supplements? And what about vitamin K do you take anything for that or do you just get that in all the things you eat? My last question is if you use any special things for meditation. In the beginning of one of your videos you included a small segment of you meditating. I was wondering if you use anything like a meditating pillow or if you burn any incense while you meditate and if you use any special apps! I'm looking to take advantage of that free gift and free trial month for thrive market and they sell meditating pillows so I was wondering if I should purchase one. I'd love if you got back to me 😊

  11. Alicia Mendsey Hey, Join Our Community Subscribe! May 10, 2017 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    Stop making me hungry! This is not fair. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us.

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