THE BENTO BOX VIDEOS ARE BACK! I wanted to try and create some delicious breakfast recipes in my bento box- this is what I came up with. All the info you …

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  1. omg I think the recipe section of your blog is gonna save my life. It has happened so many times that I wanted to make a recipe of yours and had to go through 15 videos. Thank you so much! I love the ideas of this video

  2. Bethany Hernandez June 28, 2017 at 4:13 am - Reply

    Just realized how close you are to 500k. Thanks so much for always putting out such great, positive content. Look forward to seeing your future success ☺️ greetings from NY! 🇵🇷🇺🇸

  3. What kind of coconut yogurt did you use?? I can never find a kind I like! Also this video is so aesthetically pleasing omg 😍

  4. Thank you for this video, great healthy ideas and a fun use of color! And ty for mentioning where you get your Bento boxes, I like the shape and depth, perfect fit for a backpack.

  5. Love the video and food ideas here as always. Also, the recipes section you have on your blog looks great!!

  6. Love these ideas! They all look delicious! And, I'm super excited about what you did with your recipes on your website! Thank you!

  7. You have some of the most delicious and unique recipes I've found on YouTube, you put so much work into your channel and it shows! These recipes are so helpful!!

  8. This is random…but do you know any good cruelty-free hair dyes?

    & also what's a good brand of vegan marshmallow?

    Thank you 🙂

  9. These ideas are so inspiring for work. One day I hope to try them…. It is so pretty and appetizing, this is how a vegan diet should look like x) Thanks for your work and congrats on your new website section !!!

  10. 😍🤤mmm all look so delicious and healthy ✨I'd love to be able to create recipes like you! Such an inspiration 🌱💚 those bento boxes look so cool may have to look into them!x

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